My Summer of Fame

You want my picture!

Last year while visiting Monument Valley I took the following picture.  You can see the whole post here.  A couple of months ago I was contacted by Robert of Tesoro Metal Detectors.  He was interested in using my photo in an ad they were running in a publication called RV Journal.  Well the Summer 2012 edition of RV Journal finally hit the newstands and you can usually pick one up FREE at Camping World as well as other RV Supply houses.

Now I am really famous!  HA! HA!  Not too shabby though.

I will be glad to autograph your copy.  HA!  All you have to do is catch up with me.

18 thoughts on “My Summer of Fame

  1. I picked up a copy somewhere on the way home from Oregon. When I got to the picture I told Rick it looked like your rig. I was right ! Anyway, I’ve always wanted to get a metal detector and that ad made me look at their company. I want one and maybe we’ll go by there on the way to the BF. They should give you one for using your picture. LOL

  2. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving LDer Jimbo! Indeed, we’ll all bring our copies
    to Qsite in January – so be sure your Sharpie is fresh and ready to autograph!!

  3. Great to see your photo work on a magazine cover. We enjoyed talking to you at our campsite (Ochoco Divide Campground) last night. (8/9/2012) Also enjoyed playing guitar and keyboard for you. See ya again soon……John and Kim

    • I really enjoyed both of you as well. You really make some nice music. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

  4. Congrats on the cover photo. I understand that nice feeling inside when one has a photo published in a magazine or travel brochure, etc. I always figure it’s rewarding enough for us non professionals just to get a photo credit. Good stuff:))

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