Way Up!

I wonder why they call it Cougar Butte?

I took a drive on my day off and turned onto Forest Road 27 about 1/4 of a mile from the campground.  It was a great drive and soon I found myself going up and up onto what is known as Cougar Butte.

At the top of the mountain I found a place to park.  The road goes up into the higher elevations of the Ochoco Mountains.

There was also a trail head for the Scotty Creek Trail.  It didn’t look like anyone had taken that trail in a long time.

It looked like a big Christmas tree farm.  Beautiful pine trees everywhere.

Views from the top

The views from the top were fantastic.

The only problems was going downhill.  It was much steeper then it looks and I didn’t even want to lose my brakes so I had it in low gear all the way down and came to numerous stops heading down.  This is where a toad would really come in handy.  One of these days!

It was really a nice drive and I didn’t really have to go too far from my campsite.

8 thoughts on “Way Up!

  1. It is great seen green and healthy country like you have in your photos today. With the drought and heat, there is so much parched country even in the high mountains so your photos are refreshing to see. Glad you didn’t encounter a cougar. 🙂

  2. One of the early explorers saw a cougar and that name stuck. Now that sounds official doesn’t it? lol Gorgeous views up there but a toad would make it a whole lot easier.

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