Interesting stories

Close friends since the 1st grade

I met two ladies who arrived in the campground with a special friendship.  They have been friends since the 1st grade.

Judy on the left lives in Bridge, OR and Kate lives in Remote, OR.  These are small towns that are right next to each other not far from the Oregon coast.  Their families have a long history of growing up in these towns.  Judy’s grandmother Davis named the town of Remote back in the 1800’s.  Kate’s family now owns the town of remote.  They were using Ochoco Divide campground as a base to search for thunder eggs and geodes in the area.  What an interesting story!

Loves to compete in rallies

Will was another cyclist who stopped in for a much needed fill-up of water.  He is from Laramie, WY and he loves cycling in Central Oregon.  He mentioned he has also competed in the Cascade Lakes Rally.

Good friends experiencing the road

Also met more cyclists coming through the campground.  Peter and Cole stayed at the campground overnight on their way to Yellowstone NP.  They were both from Sebastopol, CA and had just spent some time in the Bend, OR area.

Friends that just met a few miles from here

Jonathan on the left in the next pic is from Philadelphia, PA.  He started his cross country adventure from Pleasant, NJ and is heading to Florence, OR.  Jonathan has a blog at telling all about his travels.  He mentioned that he had broken his camera on the way out here so I promised to send him the photos.

Weston on the right was from Lawrence, KS.  He started his trip in Kansas and was heading to Portland, Seattle and then Vancouver.  They both were very thirsty when they hit here as the weather was very hot.

Jonathan and Weston met each other in Mitchell, OR just 17 miles east of here and were only going to travel together until Prineville, OR where they would each head separate ways.

Everyone coming into the campground has an interesting story.  Plus they are all usually glad to share it with you if you take the time to listen.

7 thoughts on “Interesting stories

  1. Jim; I agree with you that there are so many interesting people to meet in a campground. I’m just finishing my first volunteer stint at Lake Manatee State Park in Florida. I’m just a single granny with a small travel trailer but. I can now claim i have friends from Switzerland, England, the Bahamas, Germany.

    I’ve never met long distance bicyclists. How interesting for you – and we who read your blog.

  2. Why am I not surprised that you have made all these friends, birthday boy? Yep, now the whole world will know that you will be another year “younger” very soon! 🙂 You’re a great guy!

  3. Hi Jim,
    I just love reading your blogs. Yes, everyone has an interesting story to tell. You are great at summarizing their stories (and remembering them!) and providing a photo for us all to enjoy. Since Charlie and I are cyclists we love reading the stories about the traveling cyclists. Thanks for being an ambassador of the people! You are a great camp host! When do you leave Ochoco and where do you go next?
    Marti in Seattle

    • Hi Marti,

      Sorry about the delay in writing but sometimes the Internet is not too speedy. I am leaving Ochoco the end of the month and heading to Fernley, NV where I will work for Amazon through the Xmas holiday. Then it is off to Quartzsite and meet up with a lot of friends (many from the Balloon Fiesta). Are you and Charlie going to the BF this year? If not maybe you can make it down to Q come January. We will all be there at least 1-2 months.


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