The power of the blog

Writing about ski trips

I have been writing a blog since 2005.  It began with my ski trips, which I wanted to post for my own enjoyment and to reflect back on the many good times and great places.  Since then I have bought a Lazy Daze RV and now live and travel in it full time.  It is amazing how I forget many details of places I have visited, but having the blog allows me to return to those places and remember them as if I was there now.

Off to Quartzsite, AZ

In January, 2011 I accepted Roger Nickey’s invitation to join him at a Lazy Daze GTG in Death Valley over New Year’s holiday.  Afterwards we traveled down to Quartzsite, AZ where we camped out in the desert with many of our friends for a month.  What a wonderful time.  Lots of campfires, “Happy Hours”, potlucks and of course the RV show in the BIG TENT.  Then we also got to show off all of our purchases of RV accessories, food etc. to each other.  Lots of good times!

That’s where I met David and Mary Gardner.  They were camped right next to me and shared in all our good times.  David is quite the photographer and took many pictures of all of us.  You can see his great work on his blog Marking Our Place.  He also submitted his work to a sight called Lenscratch.  This article was picked up by two foreign blogs which featured his work.

The Russians are coming…

The first one is the Russian Esquire Online Magazine.  That is a pic of my rig “The Breeze” on the second row and second from the left.  How about that sports fans (or should I say RV fans)!  Not too shabby!
Below is the pic of David’s blog also showing the same pic.

Here is a blow-up of the same pic.

Not one but two

The second foreign publication that picked it up was Radek Burda, a Czech blogger.  This one even shows a pic of me standing outside my rig.  That was when I had a beard, which I no longer have.  It is clean shaven for me (at least once a week).

This just goes to show you the power of the blog.  This exposure did not come from my blog, but a friend who happened to be a super photographer.  Now the Czech people are probably looking at my mug and saying to themselves – Those crazy Americans living in a RV.  Why would anybody want to do that?  HA!

16 thoughts on “The power of the blog

  1. Hi Jim, I am a reader of RVSue and the Crew. I found your blog on her site. I love your pictures. It will take me months to see them all. You are living my dream. I am looking now for a rv to be full time. I actually decided I want something small that I can get around and the gas would be better. Maybe a class B. Not sure yet. I have been looking for 4 months now. I have in the past owned 3 motor homes and a fifth wheel. So I do know how to drive a 34 footer. I took 3 months off (from May to Aug) and drove from Florida to Maine in my car to visit family and friends. It was a great drive (except sleeping in a car is not comfortable). During some rain storms in the mountains I was forced to stop driving and stay in rest stops until it stopped raining. I did stop in Virginia for a few days to rest and visit friends and continued to New England. Basically I drove straight through both times. I’ve lived in SW Florida for the past 11 years, originally from New England. Now that I am retired I am more than ready to get on my own and see the world. My next trip will be in March heading to New Hampshire for the birth of my first great grandchild. (I didn’t think I was old enough for that,,, but guess I am…lol). I especially loved your pictures of Venice. Brought back memories of when my late husband and I visited there for a week in the 90’s. It was my favorite place of all times. look forward to reading your blogs. I am new to blogging and my blog site is pathetic. I have a lot to learn so please be kind. I hope to get better as time goes on. Nice to meet you Jim.

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for your kind words about my pics. I haven’t looked at the Venice pics for some time now and decided to check them out after your email. That is the nice thing about a blog in that you can bring back all those memories of the past.

      I am sure you will find the perfect RV for you one of these days. That is something you don’t want to hurry.

      Take Care,


    • Thanks for following my adventures. It actually started with my ski trips. After you mentioned the Venice pics I had to go back and look at them myself. That is why my blog is so important to me so that I can relive old fond memories. Good luck on your trip and also finding the perfect RV for you.


  2. Never realized when we started blogging how many people we would meet from it. As you say, it is also a great way to look back and remember where you’ve been since it all starts to run together after awhile.
    Great pic of your solar panels and all the LDs at Q.

  3. Hey thanks Jim for posting the links to all the blogs. It’s been a really fun project to work on. All made better by all the great people Mary and I have met. That’s why I wanted to do it in the first place. Hope to see you in Quartzsite this year. I just have to convince Mary it’s a great idea.

  4. Hi Jim, One of my first trips I want to make is to Quartzsite. From what I understand once a year they have sales of wonderful gems. I am a Jewelry Designer so this appeals to me. I work online so I can travel any where I am to go to Jewelry show, etc. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    • They have a rock show sometime in Jan – Feb every year. They have every type of rock imaginable. You would love it. I am going down there in Jan to meet up with a great bunch of people where we stay and party for a month (and maybe 2 months this year). Send me an email if you decide to go and you are always welcome to join us. It is a great bunch of people.


      • soounds wonderful! I will let you know if I can arrange it. I have to be in Conn. toward end of Feb.for the birth of my great grand-child. If it wasn’t for that I would stay for a couple of months…. Enjoy your day!

  5. Jim when I clicked your russian friends website McAfee immediatly shut it down. Not sure if it is a dangerous site or what, but can not look at it…

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