Only a couple of weeks to go

Winding down

It doesn’t seem possible that I have been here at Ochoco Divide NFS campground for almost 4 1/2 months.  I am scheduled to close up the park at the end of the month.  I still keep getting a steady flow of campers although not as many.  I think it is due to the fact that this area has not gotten any rain yet, however it is getting colder at night.  Day time temps are still in the 80’s and Thursday it is supposed to go up to 90, but the night temperatures have gone done to the 40’s and even the 30’s.  There is still much to do here as I have bathroom floors and picnic tables to paint on top of the regular routine.

Not too many cyclists left

I am still getting a few cyclists coming through the campground usually looking to just take a break after climbing a long hill from Mitchell, OR and also needing water.  Dan and Isabella are from Sisters, OR and they came through here headed east about a week ago.  I gave them some water then and they headed on their way.  This past week they came through on their return trip and also stopped for a rest and some fresh water.  They had cycled to Joseph, a little town next to Hell’s Canyon and east of the Wallowa mountain range.  That must have been some beautiful scenery.

Almost to the East Coast

A few days ago I sent my friend Jack an text message asking him how he was doing and where he was.  Jack started out his cycling adventure in Florence, OR and his goal was the Atlantic Ocean.  He called me and said he was in Kentucky and only had about 450 miles to go to finish.  What an accomplishment!

Not really too much else to report but I am looking forward to hitting the road soon.

9 thoughts on “Only a couple of weeks to go

  1. You’ve certainly had an interesting summer. I really enjoyed reading about all the bicyclists who stopped by. Must take a lot of spunk and determination to make those long rides.

  2. A good sumer for you and campground was lucky to get such a good worker! Enjoy your last few weeks. Glad to get a follow-up on one of your many travelers. Be well and safe travels, Ann and Jerry

  3. “Only” 450 miles to go on a bike is quite a lot! Don’t think we could have ever done that even when we were younger.
    Surprised to hear the daytime temps are still that hot.
    Sounds like you’ll be busy until you leave so the rest of your time should fly by.

  4. Hey Jim, not sure if you remember when we met at “your” campground. We both went to Fullerton JC.

    I’ve been at Thousand Trails RV Park since July 21st. I hope to stay till about the middle of October but I keep an eye on the 5 day forecasts at Then I’ll head down through California and maybe over to Pahrump, NV to visit some friends there.

    I plan to be at Quartzsite for my first time maybe in December at the latest. Hope to connect up with you later this year someplace. I’m like you, full timer with no schedule or time frame. Seizure later.

    • I will be getting to Q in January so be sure and look me up. We have a great group and always looking for others to join us and have some fun.

  5. It really is hard to believe you’ve been there that long. Seems like just a little while ago that we met you so briefly in Q. You have really had some interesting folks come through up there. That is definitely a great way to spend the summer.

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