Jimbo’s Journeys New Look

What happened to Jimbo’s Journeys?

I couldn’t sleep last night so stayed up and what did I do?  I just changed the whole look of my website.  HA!  I hope you find this appealing.  I would appreciate if you would let me know by answering the poll.

8 thoughts on “Jimbo’s Journeys New Look

  1. great job! I couldn’t sleep either and I stayed up all night trying to bid on a auction for a necklace! I did not win. Won’t do that again! I like that you have recipes. I would like to learn how to add things on mine. Is it easy??

  2. Not sure what is happening here. I voted no because when I first pulled it up I couldn’t read the blue words on the blue background. When I clicked on comments it brought me to this page and I really like this one. So now I’m going to have to play with it to find out for sure what is going on. I have a pretty lousy connection here and that may have something to do with it.

  3. Well, with my short term memory problem I have no idea what it looked like yesterday……….so I guess I like this one…haha

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