Marriage, Pack rats and new schedule + results of the poll

Cycling and marriage proposal

Don’t get any ideas that I’m getting married cause that ain’t going to happen.  I am referring to a couple of cyclists that rode in here looking for water and a place to eat lunch before they headed on down the road.  Julianne and Bjorn looked pretty worn out when they arrived after climbing the long hill from Prineville, OR.  I gave them water and they plopped down to have lunch and take a relaxing break.  They are both from Spokane, WA and they drove down to Walla Walla where they started their adventure.  Then they cycled down to Crater Lake, OR which is quite a ride.  I asked them what was the biggest thrill during their trip and they mentioned that it was at Crater Lake where Bjorn proposed to Julianne and she accepted.  That is a day they will never forget.  You can read more about it at their blog at  

Congratulations Julianne and Bjorn.  May you have a wonderful life together cycling all over the country.  They deserve a high five for not only their engagement but also for that fantastic cycling trip.

Discovered a pack rat

I popped my hood this morning and this is what I saw.  I actually saw the rat as well as it was sitting cozily on his bed.  I almost felt like grabbing him by the tail but I knew better then that.  It was a big one too and scampered off to another section of my engine.  Tomorrow I will head into Prineveille and see about getting something that I can kill the dirty bugger with.

I thought I would be leaving my camp hosting job at the end of September.  Now they are asking me to stay for another week until October 6.  The campground has been surprisingly busy for this time of year.  Probably has to do with the GREAT camp host, but more likely it is due to the extremely warm weather.  It has been in the 90’s three days this week and will be in the upper 80’s almost all next week.  People still want to get out and enjoy this wonderful weather before the rain begins.

It will give me about a week to travel the 400+ miles to Fernley, NV to work for Amazon.

The votes are in

I would like to thank everyone for voting in the poll last week regarding the new look of Jimbo’s Journeys Blog.  Out of 81 votes received, I have 77 (95.06%) in favor of the new look and only 4 (4.94%) in favor of the old look.  It looks like the new look is here to stay.  Thanks again for letting me know.

15 thoughts on “Marriage, Pack rats and new schedule + results of the poll

  1. Jim: Prop your hood open at night, in particular. Leaving the hood open all the time unless rain is expected, is even better. Rats like the security of a cozy and dark place.
    Like your new blog.

  2. Ick. The rat that is. That would be enough to do me in. We have friends working for Amazon in Campbell, KY. This will be their third years.

  3. More interesting people to meet – fun. I read some of their posts and it looks like they are having a great time. Oh to be young and energetic haha!! Hope you don’t have any lingering problems with the rat.

  4. Pack Rats – not good. I will be volunteering at a NWR in Nov and Dec and the volunteer handbook says to open the hood while parked and to add lights in the engine compartment and under the RV. I’m going to buy a string of Xmas lights and a workshop light with a hook on it.
    I would like to work for Amazon one of these years, but I am concerned about the weather in the locations they are at. Will you post something about the weather while at Amazon, Thanks. Teri

  5. I vote that they decided to have you stay another week because of the GREAT CAMPGROUND HOST!
    Lights, open hood. Those are the remedies we have read about.
    Be well and safe travels, Ann and Jerry

  6. Just started following a few RVers and got caught up in the tale of the tail….pack rat! In Tucson some put a uninal cake in a pie pan under their car to keep them away. When I was there we had enough garage space for our cars, but the pack rats did quick work of the air conditioner. They justs love to strip wires. I hope you don’t have damage to your engine……

  7. Be sure to start the engine and check all hoses for any leaks before you leave for Prineville. Those buggers like to chew on rubber sometimes. See ya in Quartzsite Jim. I’ll be leaving Thousand Trails, a little south of Sunriver, about the middle of Oct and make a slow trip down there.
    Seizure later!!

  8. Hey there! I found you blog and will enjoy catching up. Nice to read about another person hosting in beautiful Oregon. Looking forward to some photos from you in the near future. 🙂

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