Heading to Amazon

I sure missed the Balloon Fiesta this year!

I just got off the phone with my friends at the Balloon Fiesta.  Unfortunately this year I had to skip it as I am working at Amazon and just finished my camp host job in Oregon.

Visited my friends from Amazon last year.

I stopped in La Pine to visit my friends Rick and Tina who I met at Amazon last year.  They were the folks who graciously let me ride with them to and from the Amazon plant.

A ride up Paulina Peak

Rick and I took a ride up to the top of Paulina Peak.  This was a favorite spot of his and it was very beautiful.  The last few miles were a gravel washboard road.

From the peak you could see both Paulina Lake and East Lake.  That is Paulina Lake on the left and East Lake on the right.  The entire area of both lakes is a caldera just like at Crater Lake only there is a land mass between both lakes.

This is another view of Paulina Lake.  The haze in the background was caused by the smoke form the Pole Creek fire out of Sisters, OR that has been going on for some time now.

Tina fixed a great meat loaf dinner.  I hadn’t eaten meat loaf for quite a while and it is one of my most favorite meals.  Thanks Rick and Tina for your gracious hospitality.

On my way to Fernley

I left Wednesday and Rick told me of a better way to get to Fernley and avoid passing through Reno.  It was a great ride but so typical of Nevada back roads.  It was two lanes, hardly any traffic either coming or going and only a couple of very small towns.  I was able to find a nice place to stop for the night behind a sand pile.


Home for the next few months

I wasn’t scheduled to check in to the Desert Rose RV Park until Oct. 12, but I called them to see if I could check in earlier.  That was OK so then I made the 70 mile drive into Fernley.

This is where I will be parked until Christmas when my Amazon contract is complete.

The weather is great here so far with high temps in the 70’s and lows in the high 40’s.  The first night here it rained but has been beautiful ever since.  By the way the tank next to my rig in the above pic is my 20 gal. propane tank that I will definitely need once the weather starts getting cold.

I don’t start work until Wednesday so have some time to get organized and look for a ride.  My schedule is Wednesday through Saturday with 3 days off.  Of course that could change once it gets busy.

15 thoughts on “Heading to Amazon

  1. Jim, it looks like a great site for your stay at Amazon. I hope you are close to work this year so you won’t have to commute so far like last year. I appreciated your workamping suggestions from your previous post because I am planning on workamping for the Rio Grande National Forest next summer with American Land and Leisure as the contractor for my campground. You experience this past summer inspired me to do some national forest workamping myself. Thanks!

    Have a great time with Amazon.

    • Hi Rick,

      Glad to hear you signed up for a camphosting job. You should have a wonderful time and will meet a lot of really nice people.


  2. Nice spot to base yourself for a few months! Charlie and I missed the Fiesta this year also. Looked like it was a great year for the balloons and people. Enjoy your time with Amazon. I am tempted to buy one of the Paperwhite Kindles. Are you getting one?
    Marti and Charlie

  3. I wondered what happened to you, and now I know. Yes, your spot until December looks cozy. Enjoy the great fall weather while you can.

    • Hi Millie,

      I didn’t get a chance to post the last couple of weeks since I was busy painting all 29 picnic tables in the campground. What a job!


  4. Jim we wouldn’t mind being parked right next to you but let’s hope that 20 Gallon tank lasts you. Weather channel is already saying we are not getting a repeat of last winter’s temps. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  5. Just stopping in to say hello. Hope the weather stays nice for you for a while. Its still hot here in S.W. Florida but cooling down to 60 in the evening. Finally good sleeping weather. Your campsite looks nice. look forward to hearing about your next adventure. Hope your new job works out well. Sharon

  6. We came down through Nevada (the east side) and you’re right. Two lane roads, no traffic and no towns. But a nice easy drive. I’m hoping your weather holds for you and it doesn’t get too cold. We had some snow up in the high mountains here in AZ last night but we’re warming up again quick. Be safe and good luck with the job.

  7. Glad you’re there safe and sound. We really enjoyed Newberry Caldera. Such a beautiful and interesting place. We finally found out why our motorhome cab vents wouldn’t blow anywhere but on the windshield after leaving LaPine State Park. A hard to reach vacuum line had been chewed through by one of those rascally vermin! The “cheap”fix involved replacing and re-routing the line by the service tech. $150 vs $650 but still makes me feel a bit “put out ” at those ground squirrels!

  8. Missed seeing you at the BF. We had a geat time. Looks like a nice spot you have there. Enjoy the nice weather and your few days off while you can!

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