Life in Fernley

I must apologize for being so long between posts.  After 10 hours on the job at Amazon I don’t really feel much like doing anything except relax.  As I mentioned I walk between 8-10 miles per day and the body has lots of aches, pains and bruises.  However I will try to post more often.

I mentioned that I was in the process of purchasing a nice Geo Tracker.  The seller called me and mentioned that his wife had changed her mind and wanted to keep it instead.  This was after he had told me that they never use it.  I think what happened is that he found a buyer that would offer him more.  Anyway I think I will wait until after the first of the year when I am in Quartzsite.  Then I will have all my friends there who know all about tow bars and can help me install one if it is needed.

Work has been going well and I have completed four weeks with only six to go.  We are still only working 40 hours per week (four days at 10 hours per day).  However I got my overtime schedule and my overtime day is Tuesday.  We probably won’t have overtime until black Friday.  Then it might even go up to five 11 hour days.

I have rekindled many friendships with people who worked here last year.  It is nice talking with them about what they did and where they went and what they have planned next year.  I have also met many people for the first time this year.  My friend Les from Quartzsite is working this year for the first time.

My neighbor Steve and I went up to the local casino for a couple beers and play the slot machines.  So far I am $2.96 ahead in winnings.  HAH, big deal.  I am not much of a gambler especially when I think what I have to do to earn that money.

I am getting all my medical needs looked after.  I have gone to the same Dr the last two years and he fills my prescriptions for a year at a time.  I am very happy with the care they are giving me.  I had to go to a specialist in Reno for followup.  It is about a 30 mile drive and very pleasant.

Did I tell you that the weather has turned on us here in Fernley?  Two weeks ago it was a pleasant 74 and we were sitting outside on our days off.  Not anymore. The weather in the mornings is about 19-22 and it only gets up to the mid 50’s.  We even had a bit of snow one day although it didn’t stay on the ground very long.

I have been looking for a new TV since I wore out the HDMI cable connection in the back from hooking and unhooking it to watch movies.  I started checking out the different TVs and found what they call a Smart TV made by Samsung.  With it I can hook up directly to my Amazon Prime account so I can watch their free movies.  I can buy movies too, but since there are so many good ones that are free I don’t need to spend the money.  It is also much bigger then my older TV and the football games look great.

Enough said for now as today is my laundry day and I need to check the availability of the washers/dryers.


10 thoughts on “Life in Fernley

  1. Too bad about the Tracker but there are lots of used vehicles out there. You will get plenty of help in Q if you need to install a towbar. Hang in there. The holidays will be over in no time!

  2. Well, as you say, he may sell it for more — and backed out on his word/deal. However you’ll likely find even a better one. We’re finishing a week here at Caliente Springs (passport america) and weather is fabulous. We’re also looking forward to the Q LD circle and friends.

  3. Great to hear from you. I’m in cold Denver helping my daughter Tracy. Staying at the Westminster Elks. Became an Elk 11/1/12. :-))

  4. Thanks for the update Jim. One more week and you will be half way through your commitment. I admire you as that sounds like some hard labor. Too bad about the Tracker, but like others have said, there will be another car, and hopefully a better one.

  5. Hi, Do a search for a toad with everything already installed…..Way less expensive and they are out there..I have a Suzuki Samurai not a great hiway rig but great to cruise around….

  6. sorry the deal fell through. But as others say, it may turn out to be a good thing. I enjoy reading your adventures. You must be really tired, but I appreciate it when you have time to let us know what you’re doing. ~ PamP

  7. Jim:
    When the timing is right you will find the toad you want. Meanwhile you can work towards the toad and television. I did wonder if a convertible was really what you wanted? Hang in there and don’t work too hard.

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