Being interviewed by a CNBC news team!

The CNBC production crew was waiting for me!

Yesterday I was greeted by a camera crew from CNBC including Jeff Daniels, the television producer and Jane Wells who was the reporter.  There was also a cameraman with a camera that was huge and barely fit through the door of my rig.  They conducted the interview inside my rig.  WHAT A TRIP!!  They told me that it would be shown nationally on CNBC.  About 11:26am it was shown and was I ever excited.  I had decided to take the day off from work since I could hardly sleep that night thinking about it.
I have a link to this interview which you can see for yourself.


Jane also writes a blog which details her reporting on Amazon work campers.  This can be seen at ‘Workampers’ The New Job Seekers

This was a real kick to be involved in and still can’t believe it happened to me.  It all started with an email from Jeff Daniels, the producer who mentioned he had seen my blog and wanted to interview me.  WOW!!!

18 thoughts on “Being interviewed by a CNBC news team!

  1. Looked that up earlier today from a comment left on your blog. Great interview! I reported it on FB for blogging friends there. The only thing missing was a shot of the Lazy Daze LOL!!

    • The producer noticed my blog and mentioned it when he emailed me regarding an interview. If you google “Amazon workamping” I am on the first page.

  2. Wow Bro you are becoming famous!!! You may be the next Huell Howser of the RV travel adventures!! Dad would of got such a big kick out of seeing this!!! Congrats!! See you soon! Bob, Bev and the Lando

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