Holidays in California

I flew out of Reno, NV on Christmas Eve and landed in Southern California where I stayed with by sister and brother-in-law for the holidays.  It was a very busy time trying to meet up with all my friends and family.  It seemed like I had something going every day.

Christmas day we picked up our mother and brought her to my sister’s house to spend Christmas with us.  It has gotten harder and harder to get her out, but she was a real trooper.  This is a pic of family.


Here is another pic where she has a Mitt Romney mask on and my sister is Barrack Obama.  HA!!!


This was the beautiful sunset taken from their backyard.  It was just as you see it and the pic was not enhanced.


One Day my sister and I went to the home where my mother is living and took part in their music therapy.  It was fun and we had a great time.



Bev, Bob and I went out to lunch down at the Dana Point Harbor.  It was a fun time.


Bev and Bob also invited our good friends over one day for dinner and celebrating the Holidays.  We all had a super time.



After all the Christmas gatherings we went out to lunch again down at the Dana Point Harbor.  It was a spectacular day.



I had a great time visiting family and friends over the holidays.  Now I am ready to fly back to Reno and hit the road for more new adventures.

13 thoughts on “Holidays in California

  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures of you and your family and all your visits. I enjoyed them very much. Thanks Again…JoeShryock

  2. Happy New Year! Great way to spend the Holidays. Looking forward to following your adventures this year. Now that you are famous, we can take pride in saying “We know Jim is a real great guy, and we knew him before he was a media darling!” Have a safe flight back to Nevada.

  3. Happy New Year. It’s neat that you still have your Mom to celebrate Christmas with. Spending Holidays with friends and family is the best.

  4. Glad u had a great break from the long work load at amz. Looking forward to your reports from q. We had big plans to be there this year but Lyn has surgery on jan 11 so next year in q it is !!

  5. Happy New Year Jimbo, I just finished reading your blog from start to present. Loved it.
    I am sorting out my house getting ready to go full-time. Launch date is scheduled for Feb. 1st. After reading your blog and seeing your pics. I am more reassured this is going to be a great adventure. Thanks for the great insight.

  6. Happy New Year Jim. Nice to see your family pictures. I still do not have my rv yet so I won’t be making Q this year. Hoping for next year. For now I will just enjoy your pictures. Sharon in Florida

  7. Happy New Year! Been following your blog for a while. Great information on fulltiming which we will start this spring. Look forward to reading your 2013 travels.

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