Lazy Daze are one TOUGH rig!!

After spending the holidays with my family, I flew back to Reno on 1/2.  I had left my rig at the airport just like I did last year.  Only problem was that the weather this year was much harsher then last year.  When I got to the rig I noticed that the heater was not running.  I had set it on a low temp (about 55) to keep the rig warm inside.  I checked the lights and none of them worked as well.  My house batteries were completely dead.  BUMMER!!!

The truck battery was OK so I started it and drove the 2 miles to the Reno RV Park where I was able to hook up to their electricity.  I also noticed that my propane tank was empty so I had that filled up.  Now I had both electricity and heat.  I turned on the water pump for just a second to see if it was working but heard nothing so switched it off immediately.

None of my SeaLevel gauges worked so I couldn’t check any levels.  I basically had to thaw out everything to get it working.  The problem was it was late in the day and I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning.  So I turned on the heater to 70 and left it running all night.  By the way the temperature got down to 6 degrees in Reno that night.

In the morning, the gauges were still not working.  I headed out to the doctor and took care of that and then stopped by Jiffy Lube and had the truck serviced before I left Reno.  Then I was on the road to warmer temperatures.  I made it to Beatty, NV which is about 100 miles north of Las Vegas.  The camp host said it was only going down to 20 degrees.  Much warmer then Reno, but still not warm enough for me.

When I got up the following day I checked the gauges and sure enough everything was working as it should.  My levels even read the same as they did when I left Fernley way back on 12/24.  I couldn’t believe it.  I turned on the water pump and it even worked as it should.  AMAZING!!!!

My Lazy Daze is one tough rig to have survived that cold.  I had been following the weather in Reno while I was in Southern CA and I noticed that it snowed and the temps never got above 30.  I think two things happened while I was away.  The first was that I ran out of propane.  My tank only holds 7 gallons and I had it filled before I left.  Because it was so cold it used it all up.  Second, it snowed and the snow covered my solar panels.  It was so cold that even during the day the snow would not melt so the panels could not recharge the house batteries .  Since the heater was running to try and keep the temp at 55 it ran down the batteries.

I left Beatty, NV and headed 211 miles to Bullhead City, AZ where I will stay a couple of days with my brother-in-laws brother.  It will give me a chance to get organized and stocked up for my trip to Quartzsite.  It only got down to 30 here so it feels warm compared to Reno.  I can’t wait to get to Quartzsite.

12 thoughts on “Lazy Daze are one TOUGH rig!!

  1. My black, grey and water pump are frozen here in chilly Westminster, CO. Gets down to 4, 6, 10 each night lately. I wouldn’t be here except for helping my daughter move. Right now at 10:16 PM it’s 15 and even though the weather forecast says the low will be 23, I’m sure it’ll be 10. Hope to get outta here the 17th. I’m so tired of dealing with the freezing and the compensations that go with it. LDs are tough. (I’m hoping no damage from being here for so long).

    • I was really worried about both my fresh water and my grey tanks. Just don’t try to use them until you start getting down to the warmer climate. They will eventually thaw out once you get driving.

  2. I’ve been partially worried but thanks to John L. I’ve got two 60 watt trouble lights going all night. One under the bath sink and another next to the water pump. I keep all my lower cabinet doors ajar. I hate being frozen up but I have to be here helping my kid. Hope to make it out of here the 17th.

  3. Sure glad to hear how your rig made it through. They are tough, and that’s why we love ’em! Happy to see you heading towards warmer weather in Q. Hope it’s sunny, too. Looking forward to seeing some good sunshine pictures from you, Jim. Welcome to the New Year. Glad things are going well now for you!

  4. You know, leaving your rig in the cold with a limited supply of propane is not a good idea. I’ve done that once and voila…my waterline cracked. Obviously your rig is a tough one, Speaking of heat, why don’t you slip down to Holtville Hot Springs for a coupla days before hitting Q-site? Q-site is cold right now and you’d have frost at night again. Not so down here. You gotta check out the free nice hot water here.

  5. We arrived at Quartzsite Jan 3. Found a boondocking site n.e. of town. No close neighbors (so far). Hope to meet you duri;ng your stay. We arrived 1/3/2013

  6. Wow, Jim, so glad it all worked out for you. Next trip to Ca will hopefully have you parking your LD in warm climate. Take care and enjoy. You worked hard and now I KNOW you will play hard! :0)

  7. Hope all goes well. U are lucky as u may have frozen water lines. We used to drain and blow it all out to avoid damage. U must be careful with the hot water tank as freezing that tank can be an expensive replacement

  8. Your analysis of the events causing the problems sounds right on. I am glad all is working. A bit of advice – particularly if you have the ShurFlo 5.7 pump – watch carefully for leaking around the pump seals. The best way to do this is to pack some toilet tissue around the pump end and fittings, then wait a few days with the pump on. Remove the tissue and look/feel for wetness. There should be none.

  9. lD is one tough rig, it’s the way they’re made,our old ’82Chev just keeps chugging, the only trouble is the decor and the size, onl 22 Feet , seventies decor , gonna have to redecorate like you did.

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