Basking in the sun in Quartzsite

Before I left Bullhead City, I helped Willie a little with his bike and he helped me a LOT with my side step on the driver’s side.  Here is a pic of his bike.


This is a great pic of Blaze, Willie’s Gordon Setter.  Blaze is a great dog and very affectionate.


I arrived in Quartzsite late Monday afternoon and found my friends just off 532 in the La Posa West camping area.  Prior to arriving I made sure my propane tank was filled as well as my fresh water tank.  Then I dumped my grey and black tanks and headed to the site known as Roger’s 1/2 Acre.


I spent Tuesday working at getting things organized and catching up with all that my friends and I have been doing since I last saw them last year at this time.  There were five rigs including myself on Tuesday morning but it has now jumped up to seven rigs already.  It is sure fun seeing everyone again.  This is a pic of all of us getting caught up with each other.


That evening we all got together and John and Linda supplied the pulled pork and buns and everyone chipped in a dish or two.  It was a great meal.

Here is a small pic of my rig in one of my favorite places.


Wednesday a few of us walked into town to check out the flea markets.


On the way we passed the spot where they will put up the big tent for the RV show.  They were just starting to lay it out and get it ready.


Not too much going on in town yet.  Frank drove me around to pick up the Quartzsite White Sheet to check out ads for cars for sale, but no luck so far.

Then we all got together again for dinner and Roger cooked his famous Tri-tip and everyone added a dish and all was well.  Here we are gathered just before dinner.


Even Buddy wanted to get a piece of the action.


It was a great day.  We were joined by Jim and Terry from Beaumont, CA.  We even were treated to a beautiful sunset.


Stay tuned for more Quartzsite adventures.




7 thoughts on “Basking in the sun in Quartzsite

  1. Looks like you are all settled in for a fun, your word :), and relaxing time. Let the playing begin!! Enjoy, you’ve worked hard and deserve it.

  2. Hang onto your hat today. You guys are really going to get hit with wind according to the weather guy. And then it’s cold, cold, cold. We’re headed over tomorrow and will be at La Posa South again this year. It’s so fun to catch up with everybody.

  3. Much nicer there than in Reno, eh? Glad to see you’ve made it safely there, and are now prepared to really start enjoying some leisure time! Have fun, Jim!

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