From 2 channels to 200

Cool weather!  Brrrr!

The temps have been rather cool here in the desert at Quartzsite.  It has gotten into the low 20’s at night and only up into the 40’s during the day.  On a few days it has even been windy making it seem even colder.  But fear not, it is slowly getting warmer and should be in the mid 50’s tomorrow and 69 by the time the RV show starts on the 19th.

Going from air to satellite TV…

I took the big plunge and entered the world of satellite TV.  Previously I only had a batwing TV antenna and relied on those channels I could get through the air.  But when I could only get 2 channels I decided to check out the cost of adding satellite.  Then Jim came over and told me about a setup that a local satellite dealer was offering using the Dish Network.  He drove me back there and I wound up buying it.

Now for the fun part.  Installing all the equipment and hooking up to the appropriate satellites.  The installation was fairly easy.  The dish would sit on the top of my ladder still giving me access to the roof when I needed it.


Now for the fun part.  Getting it to acquire the satellite signals.  I called Dish and set up my account with them, then after making several calls and speaking with their tech support I still could not pick up one of the satellites which I needed.  They put me through to Tailgater tech support (who makes the dish) since they could not find anything wrong with my setup.  Tailgater said their dish was working properly as it had completed all the tests successfully.

Now it is back to the dealer with the receiver to see if it was faulty.  He put it on his bench and found that one of the settings was incorrect and once he corrected it I got a picture.  Now it was back to the rig and now the system is working properly.  I set it up to see the Los Angeles stations as I am more familiar with them.

I got lots of help during this whole process from all my friends who would come over.  This is Cookie, John, and Linda.  THANKS EVERYONE for all the help and support throughout this entire process.


Going to be working at the Angels Spring Training

I got word that my background check passed and I will be working for Aramark for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Spring Training games.  I am really excited.  I made reservations with a campground only 6 miles from the stadium in Mesa to stay there for 2 months.  I am not sure what I will be doing but my friends Phil and Sindy will also be working there as well.  I worked with them at Amazon and they told me about this job.  The job only entails working for 5-6 hours during the 18 games that are played in Mesa.  I will not make a lot of money but just the experience of working around and seeing the Angels is a great opportunity for me as I have been a fan of them way back when they moved to Anaheim.

Gathering around the fire….

Everyday we gather around the fire and chat about our day while enjoying appetizers and beverage.  It is a great time that we all enjoy.  It also gives us an opportunity to meet the new people that come in during the day.



Sunset alert…

I received a “Sunset Alert” from Roger on my cell phone.  I was inside my rig with the shades down so didn’t even notice.  I grabbed my camera and took this beautiful shot of the sunset.


What a great finish to a wonderful day!

20 thoughts on “From 2 channels to 200

  1. I’ve been wanting to know more info about getting tv reception (the scoop on the poop) from those who know. I don’t trust the info from the retailers completely… so I would like more info on the costs and plan info as well as how that is working for you. Thanks

    • The cost for 200 channels is $59.99 plus and additional $10 for HD. I started with that but will probably downsize to 120 channels for $44.99. Reception has been great thus far. I am really enjoying it.

  2. Sounds like you will be having too much fun to watch much television with your new set up. But, when you want to find something, now you should be able to. Cool idea! Good luck to you and the Angels, that should be fun!!! Glad it’s starting to warm up a bit for you. It’s still in the 30’s here today. Supposed to get up in the 40’s later this week. See it was 27 in Reno…bet you’re happy to observe that from a distance now, huh?

  3. Hello! Were are in Quartzsite too (above freezing this morning!) and I’m also curious about your satellite setup (reading the other comments I see I’m not alone) and don’t like going in to talk to the “sales people” cold….
    Can you take the antenna box down and set it away from the RV if you were parked under the trees? Is it hard to find the satellite? Lot’s of questions if you have the time but if you are having too good a time don’t worry about it.

    • The box is very light and can be taken down easily. It can also be set up on a table or on the ground. It comes with a 50 cable that can be moved anywhere as long as nothing is obstructing it.

  4. We are interested in going to Quartzite sometime next week. We purchased an older Lazy Daze last year and are loving it. We will probably arrive on Thursday…did not realize that there will be an RV Show…Do you think we will be able to find a spot? Thanks in advance. We just found your blog and really enjoy it!

    John and Linda ( too)

    • Hi John and Linda,

      There is plenty of spots in our area for lots more rigs. Come on over and join us. We are having a great time and everybody is learning new things from each other.

      • Hi Jim,
        Thank you for your reply. Where would we find you? We will be coming from San Marcos, Ca. on Thursday the 24th. Are you aware of any place where we can fill and empty our RV? We are not “full timers”..Is that okay?

        Thanks again!


      • Hi Jim,
        Congratulations on your new “toad”! John and I are still hoping to join the Lazy Daze crew on Thursday. Is it still okay? Will there still be people there? We are hoping to hear other people’s ideas and experiences about Lazy Daze and being on the road.

        For now, we are casual part-timers, but would like to think about doing more when I decide to retire or at least work a little less.

        Could you please let us know exactly how we would find your area and if you will still be there. If not, perhaps another time, another place.

        Thank you!

        Linda (The Nurse)

      • Hi Linda,

        There are still a large group down here in Q with lots of room for you as well. Come on down!


        Sent from my iPhone

  5. OK, practical me wants to be sure you’re insuring the “toys” you have. Enjoy your part time job. Gorgeous sunset, Jimbo. :0)

  6. Jimbo, are you up and flying yet? Remember, don’t land on anybodys head!!! We may come over to see everybody for a game in Az. Have fun! The Doctor

    • Hi Doc,

      Not flying yet as it has been too windy. But should be taking off any day now. Hope you can make it over to Mesa where you and Marti can get together with Phil and Sindy. We will all be stating at the same park.

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