Great Breakfast!

On the way to the Super Bowl!

Yesterday for the second year in a row we saw the Metlife Blimp on it’s way to the Super Bowl.  It is headed to New Orleans, LA and it was moving fairly fast.  I just had time to run inside and grab my camera and snap this pic before it disappeared out of site.


Another super campfire and sunset.

We also had a fun “Happy Hour” as usual and a chatted around the campfire.


Plus we were treated to another magnificent sunset.  What more could you ask for.


Arose early for a breakfast get-together.

Linda suggested that we all get together for a 9:00am breakfast get-together.  Everyone brought a dish and we all were treated to a very filling and very good breakfast to start off the morning.


Up early to catch the sunrise.

I am not one to get out of bed early in the morning, but since I volunteered to furnish the potatoes for the breakfast, I set my alarm to make sure I didn’t sleep in.  It was nice to awaken to a beautiful sunrise.


The big tent is nearly empty…

After breakfast we walked down to the big tent which was nearly empty.  There were still a few vendors in the center of the tent, but they were getting the rest of the tent ready for the car show.  We strolled through it and then walked across the street, but many of the vendors there were either gone or were starting to pack up.


Some of the tool vendors were there and probably will be here for some time.  I liked this sign at KB Tools.


A lot of the campers have also gone.  We still have 10 rigs here in our group but most of us will be gone by Sunday.  I will probably leave Sunday as well and head to my next destination in Mesa about 135 miles from here east of Phoenix.

Here is a view down “Old Yuma Road” on our way back from the tent.


4 thoughts on “Great Breakfast!

  1. Sure neat to see a bunch of Lazy Daze all around you there, Jim. Wish we could have made it down there to visit this year but that just didn’t work out this year. Still planning to do some short overnights close to home to see how Poppy can sleep in the motorhome overnight. We went for a short trip yesterday with her and she still loves to travel in Therapy and was fine while we were moving. She gets upset easily by the generator, or the furnace, or the air conditioners. She gets nervous when there are other dogs around. We will just do the best we can with her because we love her and won’t leave her.

  2. Thanks for letting me know what that blimp was. It was too far away when we finally spotted it to figure it out. Where are you going to be in Mesa? We’re in AJ so maybe we could get together for lunch or breakfast (not too early) or dinner sometime. Sure do miss those campfires already.

  3. We also saw the blimp on it’s way. Like Sandie, we could not read it and of course forgot to run in and get our binoculars. Sorry we have not been able to meet in Q. Maybe next year.

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