My first day of towing

Leaving Quartzsite

Sunday I left Quartzsite to travel to Mesa, AZ where I will be staying for 2 months while working the LAA Angels spring training games.  John and I hooked up the rig before they left to show me the ins and outs.  It is not too complicated as I have a ball hitch and their is no brake buddy.  I had packed away most of the stuff on Saturday and there were only a few things I had to take attend to on Sunday.

There were 5 rigs left after I left.  Everyone is going in different directions, but we hope to all hook up together again either at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in the fall or at Quartzsite next winter.

Who is that guy tailgating me?

I pulled out and headed on down the road.  I could see this guy that kept tailgating me in my rear camera.  It went on for miles.  Just kidding!  it was my new to me Suzuki.  I can not see it in either rear view mirror, but I was watching it closely all the way to Phoenix in my rear camera.  I bought the rear camera on Ebay for about $150, but it cost me over $600 to have it installed.  I have not had a need for it until now but I knew when I bought it I would appreciate it once I got a toad.

Got gas in Vicksburg, AZ

I pulled into a gas station in Vicksburg to fill up with gas.  Since it was my first time towing a vehicle I wanted to make sure I had plenty of space.  NO PROBLEM!

Drove through Phoenix

I am glad I chose to travel on Sunday.  I did not want to hassle any rush hour traffic on Monday.  I think everyone was getting ready to watch the Super Bowl as the traffic was busy but not too busy.  My trusty Garmin led me right to the park and was I ever glad to get there.  I felt pretty proud of myself on my first towing experience.  It went without a hitch … or should I say it went with a hitch.  HA!

No electric!!

I unhooked and moved into my spot and started getting set up.  It has been a while since I stayed in an electric site and I should have plugged in first, but I didn’t.  Needless to say once I got everything in place, I plugged in and realized I didn’t have any electricity.  BUMMER!  I called the manager and she sent over the maintenance guy, who confirmed I had no electricity.  She offered to let me move, but it was late and I still had plenty of power with my solar panels.  If I have to move in the morning, so be it, but I wasn’t going anywhere tonight.

I then hopped in my trusty Suzuki and found a Walmart less then a mile away where I bought a few groceries.  It sure is nice having a toad.

Tomorrow evening I have my first training session and another session on Wednesday evening.  Then I don’t have another training session until the 20th.

Below is a Quartzsite sunset.  I am not sure when I will see another sunset for a while since I am in a very populated area.


12 thoughts on “My first day of towing

    • What you say is true with one exception and that is the state of Nevada which has a 1,500# limit. You would probably be OK there also unless you were stopped for some other traffic violation or had an accident. In either of those cases if you were not licensed in Nevada you might(?) escape the additional violation.

  1. I am not surprised that you checked everything out. You are one efficient gentleman! The sunset was gorgeous. Thank you for that!

  2. Love reading your posts Jim! Congrats on getting a toad. You sound like you are having a ball. See you in Baker City in May. Eager to hear your stories about spring training.
    Marti and Charlie

  3. Love our Suzuki Sidekick, have only towed it once, but will be going again this weekend to McDowell Mountain Park and it will be great to have it along to explore.

  4. Hey Jim, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find the right One! Happy to hear that your first one is working out so well for you. It is nice to be able to shop, run errands, sightsee, and go do the laundry without moving your rig.

  5. Glad you had such a great towing experience. We are in a travel trailer so understand some of your first-timer worries. Not to worry! It will become second nature after a bit.

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