But I only had 2 beers! Hic!

Started Training…

I started the training for the Spring Training job Monday evening.  During the day I thought it would be a good idea to try to find out where the park is located so I wouldn’t be frantically driving around in rush our traffic to get there.  Using my Garmin I found it without any problem.  When I got home they called and wanted me to come in an hour earlier (5:00pm) to complete some initial paperwork.

On my return trip I thought since I had gone there once I wouldn’t need the Garmin so just drove there following the directions I had previously gotten.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  The next thing I knew I was in the middle of the airport and a lot of busy traffic.  DUH, Jim isn’t that why you have a Garmin in the first place?  I was able to get my Garmin out of the glove box and quickly input the address of the ballpark.  I even got there a bit early and was able to talk with some others who are also working there including my next door neighbors John and Jane.

How drunk is drunk?

The training tonight was all about alcohol.  Since many of us will be serving alcohol to the fans, we have to be able to detect when a person should not be allowed any more.  I was really impressed by the content of the class.  We also got our employee manuals and filled out endless reams of paperwork.  By the way, the training was held in the press box of the stadium.  What a view these guys have during a game.  I am sure the training sessions will be the only time I will be able to sit there.

The stadium in Tempe is about 9 miles from where I am staying in Mesa.  I am sure there is a better way to go then jumping on the freeway, but I haven’t found it yet.  I guess looking at a map would really help and not just relying on the Garmin.

Day off on Tuesday

Tuesday was a day off so I took that opportunity to do my “Honey Do’s”.  Picked up a few things at Walmart, bought gas and did a bunch of laundry left over from Quartzsite.  I did three loads and still have one load to go. YUK!

I was able to purchase a couple more milk cartons from Walmart so will do some more organizing today.  I hope to get everything squared away before I go to another training class tonight, including that last load of laundry.

Way too many people and way too much traffic…..

I sure am not used to this many people and the traffic here is crazy.  Prior to this the most traffic I have been in was in Fernley while working for Amazon.  They had a whooping two traffic lights and when Amazon let out it was rush hour for sure.  But nothing like the Phoenix area.  Someone told me that it was the nation’s seventh most populated city and I sure believe that.  I will probably go CRAZY after two months of working here.

Also I am in the flight path to the Sky Harbor airport.  I was BBQing last night and sat outside with my glass of wine and every minute or so I could spot an airliner on it’s approach to the airport.  LOTS OF PEOPLE AND LOTS OF NOISE.

Don’t forget your camera FOOL!!!

I completely forgot to take my camera with me the last couple of days.  I will try to be more diligent so that you can see what I am doing and where I am going rather then me just telling you.  I will follow up with some pics later.

8 thoughts on “But I only had 2 beers! Hic!

  1. On our Garmin we have a settings menu. In the menu there is a place to choose if you want to travel by highway, the shorter distance, etc. I have found that the shorter distance setting is not usually on Interstates.

    I agree, dislike traffic and noise!

  2. I remember driving through Phoenix was just a little bit better than driving through L.A. but not much! Lotta cars, lotta people…lotta stress! I did like Fernly a lot better, too! Too bad they don’t build those ball parks in places like Q huh? There will still be nice sunsets Jim, just keep your camera handy. Looking forward to seeing your photos of the stadium. I think you will enjoy it better than your Winter job!

  3. Agree 100% about the Phoenix area, I hated it and am glad to be out of it for awhile. In Mesa, I rarely got on the interstates, hopefully this will be a better option – but there’s still too much traffic. It was great meeting you at Q. Enjoy the Angels!

  4. Denver traffic was really challenging. I understand your stress. I heard that fact about Phoenix while driving through the area. I’m sure you’ll have some fun!

  5. Yes, do remember your camera. Seeing first hand from the press box would’ve been fun! Bummer on the traffic. Oh how soon we forget country boy! 🙂

  6. Hey Jim, you probably won’t remember me, but we emailed back and forth a couple of years ago about full-timing. I have a Class A and spend most of my time in Arizona. I had been hoping to meet you at the Balloon Festival in Abuquerque, but I had a medical emergency that altered my plans for just over a year.
    I see you got a toad – I did too…. a ’94 Geo Tracker. Sure is great having a vehicle to make short trips to the store, to do laundry, etc. I still haven’t got a solar panel system yet, but I should have one soon.
    I am currently in a park in Apache Junction – probably less than 5 miles from where you are staying right now. I am here until May 1, when I will be heading north for the summer months.

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