Take me out to the ball game….

Spring Training has started

Well after all the training and orientation the games have finally started.  Saturday was my first day on the other side of a cash register at a baseball game.  I was willing to do anything they wanted of me and was made a cashier.


I thought that being a cashier would be somewhat easy. NOT!!!!   For one thing there is no register to add up or even keep track of all the customers purchases.  You had to write everything down in order to remember what they ordered.  Also there were so many different prices that it was impossible for this fool to remember without checking on my price sheet.

Next, if the customer bought beer you had to remember to check their ID, not sell more then 40 oz. per sale and open the can and bottled beer before you gave it to the customer.  Too much for this old brain to remember, especially when customers are ten deep waiting to get there food and drinks.

Plus this was only my first game.  The crowds buying food and drink slowed down after the seventh inning so they cut me lose for the day.  I punched out and then I was able to see the remainder of the game.  Cubs 11 – Angels 2.  Angels lost big time!  Bummer!  They also lost a split roster game. Giants 4 – Angels 1.  Angels won 0 lost 2.

This is a pic I took with my IPhone at the game.


Sunday was my second day at the ball park…

I was going to go into the park and talk to my lead person Sindy that I would prefer another position if at all possible.  She had already made plans with her husband Phil, who worked a booth next to hers, that I would do food preparation instead.  That sounded great to me!

So now I am building cheeseburgers, Brats, Portabella mushroom burgers and hot dogs.  During the beginning of the game it gets really busy with everyone trying to get their food and drinks from the concession stands.  The cheeseburgers are flying out of there.  Two of us work together to fill all of the orders for two cashiers.  There is not a whole lot of thought process required, which is fine with me.

Still very cold

Yesterday it was 50 degrees with the wind blowing like crazy.  We had to keep weight on everything to prevent it from blowing away.  It was a real challenge working today.  I didn’t bring another tee shirt so there were times when it got fairly chilly.  At least we had the steam ovens for a little warmth.

They asked for volunteers to leave, during the third inning, as the weather was very cold and the crowd was rather small.  My helper who was very experienced as he had been doing this for the past 3 years volunteered, so I was by myself to handle the orders of two cashiers.  It gets busy in streaks and there were times I was really hopping, but I was able to keep up with the flow.  As it turned out the game lasted 4 hours (compared to 2 1/2 hours for a normal game).

I didn’t get a chance to see the game.  I cannot see the field where I am working, but I can see the scoreboard.  By the time we finished cleaning up, the game had already ended. A’s 7 – Angels 5.  Angels won 0 lost 3.  Go Angels!!!

Day off

Today is a day off for me.  The next game is Tuesday when the Angels play the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Hopefully they will start winning a few of these games.

4 thoughts on “Take me out to the ball game….

  1. Well, you will not be bored. I am certain you will familiarize yourself with your “duties” soon enough. Enjoy. Hope you get to see another part of a game.

  2. Glad they put you in a position that works well for you. I can see where it could get pretty hectic when the lines get long. Have fun with it and I hope your Angels win a few.

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