Finally meet my soul mate!!!

Working the Angels Spring Training Games

I am still working the Angels Spring Training games in Tempe.  It has been fun and I am meeting a lot of fun people.  I usually work 3-4 games per week.  I am not making a lot of money, but it pays the expenses.

Weather has been beautiful…

You really can’t beat the beautiful Arizona weather.  The days have been in the high 70’s with a slight breeze at times.  However it will be changing shortly as they expect the temps to dip into the low 60’s tomorrow with a possibility of rain.  There is a game scheduled and hope we don’t get rained out.  After a couple days in the 60’s it is predicted to go back into the 70’s with more great weather.

Found my soul mate!

After many years of searching I finally found my soul mate.  I wasn’t even looking for her.  She just happened to run into me.  I was talking to my sister on the phone and just happened to look out and see her.  I went outside to meet her and we both knew we were made for each other.  Here is a neat pic of her.


She was very hungry and had crusty eyes.  She came into my rig and made herself at home.  I have been looking for anyone that may have lost here, but without any success.  I checked with the office and they did not know who her owner was.  However she did say that there have been many little Chihuahuas running wild in the area.

I checked Craig’s List and the SPCA here in Mesa without any luck.  I have had her over 2 weeks so decided if nobody claimed her that she and I would make a nice pair. HA!!

Potty training

Although I don’t think she is a puppy I have still had to housebreak her.  It was not very easy at first and there were a lot of accidents.  It was probably mostly my fault as I didn’t let her out often enough.

We have finally gotten into the swing of things as far as potty breaks go and she is much improved.  She still doesn’t bark to let me know when to take her out or even go to the door.  But when I see her sniffing around I know it is time.

Vet day…

Since I haven’t heard from anyone who may have been her owner, I decided to take her to the vet and have her scanned to see if she had a microchip implanted that would tell me who owned her.  They scanned her and came up with nothing.  I decided at this time that she and I would be soul mates for life so I had her checked out by the vet who gave her two shots (which she did not like at all).  They also implanted a microchip and trimmed her nails (which she also hated).  A couple of her nails where almost ingrown and it looked like they hadn’t been trimmed in a long time.  Here is a pic of her at the vet.


I have named her Chica (which means little girl).  It was a great name that my sister suggested.  We are both happy with each other and she hates when I leave to go to the ball park for the games.  She is very excited when I get home.  She is really a lot of fun and a very happy girl!

29 thoughts on “Finally meet my soul mate!!!

  1. Congratulations to you and Chica ! Dogs who find you are a wonderful blessing. We’re sure you’ll be so happy with her and she with you. Dweezil is excited and wants to know when he’ll meet the new member of our LD family.
    rick and annie

  2. Ah, such a sweet little girl! Chica is a perfect name for her. They always say love finds you when you least expect and when you stop looking for it. Hope you have many happy days together.

  3. We have one and she weighs only 4lbs. Best pet ever! you will really enjoy her. Because they are so small, puppy pads work great, especially if you are going to be away for awhile. By the way- you are living my dream. Still have one more daughter to get through High School and I will be ready. Any advice to someone in the planning stages??? Thanks.

  4. Well, this one tugged at my heart strings. Always moves me when I see someone going out of their way to help an animal & I’m always so happy when things work out so well. She is truly a sole mate. When an animal comes trustingly to your door like that, it is for a reason. Thank you so much for helping & caring for little Chica when she needed it. She will return that same love to you many times over………..

  5. Awww! So happy for you Jim! It’s great that you found Chica, and she will surely bring a lot to joy to your life. Looking forward to meeting her down the road.
    Safe travels, Jeanne and Riley

  6. Well good for you Jim. Dogs make the most wonderful companions. Gopher the Dog is a major part of our like. Except of course when she has diarrhea at 3am, or an unset stomach when we are not there. Or when the vet. bill is $200+.
    Your girl has some serious ears!!!
    Take care:
    Ed, Carol & Gopher the Dog

  7. What a beautiful little girl, you’re a lucky guy. I am so happy for Chica, Chihuahuas are a large part of the population of the pounds here in California. They are so loyal and protective, excellent alarm dogs. It will be hard to sneak up on you now!

  8. What a cutie! Congratulations to you both! Having 2 little soul mates of my own… they are great fun and never ending givers of love- with no strings except to be loved back. OK, so regular meals and play times are high on their list too. Enjoy!! Thanks for sharing your RV life and great pictures.

  9. Hi Jimbo. Congradulations on the great find. Nothing like a little pup to pick you up after a hard days work. I had my Chi Hua Hua for ten yrs. Pete was a real ladies Look forward to reading about your adventures with the new pup. HoboJoe

  10. Ah Chica, what a name and fitting too. So happy you took her in and in return she has captured your heart. She will bring you much happiness.

  11. It is so wonderful that you found each other. There is nothing like a pet to welcome you home whether you’re been gone five minutes or five hours. They bring so much love and joy with them. And Chica has a forever home.

  12. Yeah!!!! So glad you have now have a little travel buddy and what a blessing for her to have a permanent home. She surely will shower you with love and affection for taking her in. She is a cutie and glad that all is working out really well for the both of you!

  13. Jim:
    I don’t believe in coincidences and can’t wait to hear about your adventures. There is a reason dear little Chica found you. She is most adorable. Love the name! Michelle has a “little girl” which is part Chihuahua and part Shitzu and is so lovable. Can’t wait to hear of your travels now that you’ve got a little girl to keep you company!

  14. Chica now has a ‘man of her own’!. What a lucky girl and what a lucky guy!! My doggies are the best companions ever.

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