From cold to hot…

Cold and raining

The weather last week was very strange for this area.  It got very cold and the the torrential rains and hail began.  I was working at the ballpark when it started.  The rain started on and off and it delayed the start of the game.  Then a torrential rain started with very high winds and even hail.  The stands emptied in a hurry.  This is a pic taken from inside my work tent looking out to the field.  The fans had scurried off to a protected area to get out of the rain.  This was the only guy left.  The stands were full about 5 minutes prior to this.


The umpires called the game and everyone went home.  All the street lights were knocked out on my way home and it took quite a while to get through the traffic.

Met fellow bloggers and other friends

I drove home and changed into some dry clothes and then headed over to Cracker Barrel where I met some friends for dinner.  It was a great time.  I met Jim and Sandie from Where are the Dixons, Ray and Cindy from Ray and Cindy’s RV Travels.  I also saw Kyra and Key who I had met the night before at Casino Arizona.


Key writes the The Ramblin Rivercat blog.  Then there was Jan, Dianna and Bobbie.  I copied this photo from Jim and Sandie’s blog.


Everyone had a great time and lots of conversation about places we had been and where we were headed.

Caught up with a lot of good friends yesterday.

Yesterday morning I got a call from Shannon who was my neighbor at Amazon last winter.  She was also the friend I drove with to and from Amazon.  It seems as though she just landed in Apache Junction last week and was headed my way to pick up some items at Camping World and Trader Joe’s.  We got together at Cracker Barrel for lunch and rehashed old times and made some plans to do some hiking around Apache Junction.  I am really looking forward to it.  Didn’t get any pics but will be taking my camera with me when we go hiking.

Get together at Phil and Sindy’s

In the late afternoon I was invited to Phil and Sindy’s rig, which is only a couple of spaces from mine, for hamburgers and hot dogs.  Our mutual friends, Steve and Marti and grandson Ryan, where coming by to see them from California.  It was really fun getting together with everyone.  Steve, Marti and Ryan will be going to a couple of Spring Training games while in town.

Chica update

Chica is doing quite well adjusting to her new home.  She is now almost housebroken and I have here on some new dog food that the vet recommended.  That pipsqueak is so lovable.  She has to get on Daddy’s lap every night.  She doesn’t like when I leave her alone, but that will end shortly and she won’t have to worry about that any more for a while.

I took her to a park and went for a long walk.  Her whole 3.5 pounds was actually pulling me.  I have included a few pics of her doing her thing.  The first is with her ducky which she loves so much.  She also has a zombie and a chew bone, which I will show later.




It has been a really fun week.  I mentioned the weather was very cold and rainy.  Well that is changing big time.  The past couple of days it has been in the 80’s and the next couple of days it will reach 90.  What a change.  Almost time for the A/C.

12 thoughts on “From cold to hot…

  1. Your blog today is very uplifting! With friends, Cracker Barrell, and your lovable Chica, what else could anyone ask for. Those pictures of Chica are wonderful. I can’t believe someone would intentionally give up such a cute dog. Thanks for blogging!

  2. That little girl is sure a cutie pie!! Sound like you are just the social butterfly – glad to hear you are having such a good time with friends. I guess Cracker Barrel is a good place to go.

  3. Is that a duck that she’s got in her mouth???? Tell me you aren’t training her to fetch ducks, Jim!!!!! We love those ducks, you know! Chica probably loves hers, too. I’m just pulling your chain. I’m sure she won’t turn into a guack attack dog! She sure is a cutie. No wonder you fell in love with her!

  4. Chica is adorable. I’m sure she thinks she’s a big dog and can take on anything…even her ducky.
    We winter in Florida and I always check the lost and found. So many teeny doggies are abandoned or lost. Even the humane society down here will have little pooch’s for adoption.
    Glad you gave Chica a good, loving home and you are patient with her housebreaking.
    I enjoy your blog.

  5. I LOVE that little face with her duckie! I’m so glad you found a companion. I know there are times when it is easier not to have a pet, but those times are far outnumbered by the times it’s nice to have one. Besides, if I didn’t have dogs, I’d just be a crazy person talking to herself! Debbie and Elliot…and his new brother Rupert.

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