Chica’s Big Day

Poor little Chica…

Today is the day I scheduled to have Chica spayed.  I am more nervous then her, since she doesn’t really know what is happening.


Spay Clinic is packed…

I put her in her carrier to take her to the spay clinic.  She doesn’t like riding in it, but she does seem to be getting more used to it.  I sure hope so as she and I will be doing a lot of traveling together.  I got there at 7:00am and the place is packed with even people waiting outside.  Eventually they called her name and the vet went over everything with me as to what they will be doing and what I need to do after the surgery.

Here is a pic of her sleeping with her ducky on the new bed I purchased for the bumkins.  She crawls under the towel to get nice and warm.




She loves her little ducky and races from one end of my rig to the other playing with it.

People just love her…

The vets and their helpers just fell in love with her.  She is a very friendly dog and seems to like everyone.  The vet is going to clean her teeth and remove a couple of her baby teeth which she still has.  She said it will greatly improve her breath.  Thank goodness for that!!!

She will need to take antibiotics…

They did mention that she will need to take a couple of antibiotics.  One for her spaying and another for her teeth.  Thankfully the antibiotics are liquid and I can squirt them directly in her mouth.  I will be glad when today is over.  I planned a day of recuperation tomorrow for her to just relax and not be too stressed out driving.  Then it is off to Rockhound State Park outside of Deming, NM.

She loves the sun…

Here is a pic of her in her favorite spot when I am home, which is almost all the time now that Spring Training is over.


I just hope she is that relaxed when I pic her up at 5:00pm this afternoon.

22 thoughts on “Chica’s Big Day

  1. What great pictures and such a cutie! My 4 footers Music and Violet send their best- having been there done that… and want you to know a towel warmed in the micro for 40 sec… is very comfy indeed when its been a stressful day or a bit sore. We all 3 send our best wishes. She will do great and realy love all those extra cuddles you will give her!

  2. So happy you took this little darling in and you have taken to each other. I lost my Lab Elsa a few months ago, we were so lonely without her, we adopted a blind 7 yr. old Lab, Lizzy from Labrador and Friends Dog Rescue in San Diego, Ca., and now, I volunteer for them, rescue dogs are the BEST.
    Good luck to you both…
    Woods n Paws,

  3. Chica will be fine and still a little sleepy (hopefully) this evening. You’re doing what is best for her. Lots of cuddles, and she will feel better in no time. I love the pictures – she is an adorable little cutie.

  4. Chica is so cute and her finding you makes her more special. She will be fine and knows you will take good care of her.

    Have fun at Rockhound. I will be there in a couple of weeks. It is one of my favorite spots.


  5. Good luck to Chica and you both know why she found you, a match made in Mesa. She is really cute. Biggest problem I can see is the steps getting in and out of rig.

  6. Chica will be fine but she will be groggy after surgery and sleep for most of the night after you pick her up. I love the photos of her in the bed and in the sunbeam. Just too, too cute.

  7. She’s going to still be pretty out of it and sleepy when you get her. But then your problem will be keeping her from ripping out the stitches. Those pictures of her are so very very cute. She is such a wonderful traveling companion for you.

  8. OMG, Jim, your little girl is so photogenic. You two are so lucky to have each other. You will have to watch her so she doesn’t lick, chew… her stitches. Maybe ask the vet for a “e-collar” so she can’t reach them . I had cocker, years ago, that licked her stitches out in the middle of the night, We had to get the vet back to surgery at 3:am. to put her back together. It was pretty serious. I don’t want you to experience that.

  9. Absolutely adorable. She’s won my heart and I can only imagine how you feel about her. What a great traveling companion. She’ll be your friend for life. Thanks for posting the pics. Please give us an update on her when you can.

  10. She is the dearest little baby girl!! so glad you have that travel companion now- having a pet and one that needed a home is soo priceless!!!! the pics are sooo adorable!

  11. I have had many females spayed, and it is a very simple surgery, though traumatic for the person who loves her, just keep her quiet, carry her up and down the steps,and shell be fine.Mine are stock dogs and har to keep down. The collar is a perfect idea, you don’t want to watch her constantly. And worry that shell pick at her tummy, shes perfect for you, just adorable. the best dogs aree the ones who have been on their own for a bit, they’re so happy to find love!!you’ll both be fine!!

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