Hitting the road with my new co pilot

Update on Chica’s surgery

I picked Chica up at the spay clinic at 5pm on Monday.  The poor baby looked like she had been thru the ringer.  Not only had they spayed her, but I had them clean her teeth and she had several baby teeth pulled.  I was told that she was about 2 years old, but sometimes they still retain their baby teeth.  The vet showed me her teeth and they looked horrible.  They were all yellow and her breath was really stinky.  YUK!!!

Anyway the vet pulled 6 baby teeth and they sent me home with all her teeth and 2 antibiotics to give her with complete instructions.  But she was really feeling bad.

She did not want to be picked up as I am sure she was really hurting.  Not only did she have major surgery but she had major dental work as well.  I have never had 6 teeth pulled out at one time so I am sure she was a very hurting girl.

She didn’t want to have anything to do with me…

I took her home and placed her on her bed.  But she was so tender it must have hurt and she really let me know with a horrible scream.  I felt so bad for her.  She wouldn’t even look at me.  I got the feeling that she thought her pain was all my fault.  I made her as comfortable as I could and let her just sleep.

I was planning on leaving for New Mexico on Wednesday and had paid up through that day.  However when Wednesday came I could tell she was still not feeling like her old self.  She barely wanted anything to do with me and did not have any energy whatsoever.  I went down to the office and paid for another 2 days, which I thought should be adequate for her to be feeling like her old rambunctious self.

That gave me time to do a few things around the rig like defrosting the refrigerator and buying groceries for the road.  I am really glad I waited those 2 extra days.  It made a big difference for both of us.  She is on the mend and getting back to her old playful self and I am a bit more organized.

My new copilot

The next problem I faced was how she was going to travel.  I had bought a carrier for her, but she does not like being confined in a small space.  Every time I put her into it she would get really fussy and agitated.  The drive to Deming, NM was approximately 350 miles and I knew that would not work.

So instead I put her bed in the passenger seat with one of her toys and her chew bone.  She likes to chew on the bone and it keeps her occupied for a long time.  I wasn’t sure how she would react to a moving vehicle, but she was not at all frightened.  Here is a pic of my new co-pilot manning her position.


She was very good and did not move around, but slept most of the time in her bed as I was driving.  On occasion she would look out the window at the scenery passing by.  I am sure this was a new experience for her and she accepted it graciously.  Then there were times she would want to get on my lap where she slept.  She was very good and did not want to go anywhere else in the rig.

Lots of rest stops…

I am not one to stop at rest stops often.  I usually don’t travel too far in one day so I like to breeze past them to get to my destination.  Now that has all changed.  I now stop at all the rest stops I can so that Chica can get some exercise and go potty.  She is a real trooper.  Sometimes we stopped with big rigs on each side of her with their motors running.  I was worried that she would be frightened of them,  NO WAY!!  Not my Chica.  She just bolts ahead pulling on her leash and glad to go for a walk.

Made it to Deming…

After traveling 367 miles we landed at the Low-Hi RV Park, that we will call home for the next couple of days.  I drove up to Rockhound State Park but it was full, so will check it out after the weekend and hopefully we can find a nice spot there for 14 days.  Below is a pic I had previously posted of her at the vet with her carrier in the background.  She did not like being confined in that carrier for one minute.


Yesterday Chica took the big plunge in to the fulltime RV lifestyle.  Prior to that she had never been out of Mesa, AZ but now has been in 2 states.  WOW!!  She really enjoyed the ride and being able to get out at different rest stops along the way.  Now she is comfortably sleeping at my feet and looking forward to all the adventures I have told her about.  She is especially looking forward to going to Canada and seeing big moose and bears this spring.

16 thoughts on “Hitting the road with my new co pilot

  1. Glad you gave Chica the extra couple of days to recuperate. She looks like she is enjoying the ride. Do you read Me and My Dog? Barbara travels with a little chihuahua called Katie and she got a car seat for Katie a few months ago. Katie just loves it. Here’s a link in case you want to read about it. http://dewelldesigns.blogspot.com/2013/02/katies-new-dog-car-seat-review.html We met Barbara and Katie here in Eugene last year and Katie is such a cute little dog. Glad Chica seems to enjoy the travel part of full-timing. I think you two will have many happy miles together.

  2. We had to learn to plan potty stops in our travel day with the girls. We have dog leashes that hook into the seatbelts in the back seat and then hook to their harnesses. Gives them plenty of room to move around and yet keeps them secure if any panic stops. Isn’t it wonderful that pets are so forgiving. They just want to love you.

  3. Hi Jim and Chica…..I plan on being at Rockhound Monday. I hope there is some spaces. Have fun and maybe we willwet there.


  4. Sounds like you are having a lot of heart to heart conversations with little Chica. You two certainly are bosom buddies! Very cute!

  5. One of your followers. Ooops…sounds like she is associating the carrier with the trip to the vet. Animals are very smart!

  6. AAhhh. she looks like a special little lovey and we take of them the best we can & do what is best for them… I Know, Luci looks at me the same way after a vet visit, like I SO betrayed her.. and won’t ‘talk’ to me for a day or so…

  7. Cleaning the dogs teeth: Wrap gauze around your finger and rub the dogs teeth like a tooth brush. Do this 2 or 3 times a week. Apparently white rawhide chew things help with teeth also.


  8. Jim,
    Little Chica looks like she is going to be a great traveling companion! My little toy poodle loved to travel too. For her safety, I purchased a doggie car seat. If you have to stop suddenly, a tiny dog will become a flying missile & their little bones can’t survive the impact. Here’s a link to the kind of seat I got. http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=23391 There are different styles & lots of places sell them. The important thing is to get one that attaches to the vehicle using the vehicle’s seat belt. That way, the doggie seat will be secure. There is a tether included, so you put a harness on Chica, clip the tether to her harness, & the doggie seat is secured with the seat belt. The cool thing is that the doggie seat is elevated, so she can see out. She’ll also be able to sit or lay down. My poodle would fall asleep in her seat. Safe travels to you & Chica!

  9. I am so happy for you and little Chica. My terrier mix used to sleep in his bed on the passenger seat (co-pilot) too. So glad you could take an extra few days for her to re-couperate. And – you got some necessary chores done too. You and she are going to be a happy pair! I kept a package of puppy pads in the RV always in the same place under the table just in case a stop wasn’t readily available. They’re scented to tell the dog that this is the place to “go”. Just in case.

  10. So sorry Chica had such a rough few days. You are a good dad to stay put for a bit longer and give her time to heal. So glad she is a good traveler. Our dog has to be put in a crate as he will not settle in one spot but tries to move all around that inside of the truck. Since that includes getting under Clay’s feet, that is not a good thing. Anyway, enjoy your time in New Mexico!!

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