Gathering of Nations POW WOW

One more day at Enchanted Trails

I was watching the news Friday night and they were talking about the Gathering of Nations POW WOW being held on the University of New Mexico campus.  Before I started fulltiming I had read about this annual event and thought at the time that it would really be neat to attend.

I hadn’t even planned in being in the Albuquerque area at this time, but Albuquerque is the only place in New Mexico that has an Apple Store.  So it was fate that brought me to this city on this weekend.

I decided to stay another day to see the POW WOW and I am really glad I did.

POW WOW at “The Pit”

The Pow Wow was being held in and around what is know as “The Pit”. on the U of NM campus.  Got out my GPS and found where it was located and then just followed the crowd.  This is a pic of “The Pit” which is probably used for indoor sports activities as well as concerts, etc.


The cost for admission was $17 and another $10 for parking. OUCH!  There goes the budget!  But it was money well spent and where else could I see so many Native Americans in their full dress.

I got in just when the dancing started.  They would introduce each tribe as they came onto the floor.  Some of them had traveled a long distance to take part in the activities.  This is a pic of the participants as they were being introduced.


I got this pic of some of the women in dress waiting to get onto the dance floor.


Finally a pic of all the participants on the floor dancing.  I don’t know how they could even move as there were so many people.  All the while the drums are beating loudly and many different types of rattles could be heard.  Their native dress is so colorful.



Then they started an individual dance competition.  It was really something to see.


Pose with a bald eagle…

There were many vendors all along the outside of The Pit who were selling their wares.  Lots of jewelry, but also furs, feathers, etc.  They also had a big tent with many vendors in it.  I really enjoyed walking through it.

There was one vendor that was promoting helping injured raptors and they had many that were perched on their hands.  You could get a picture taken with a bald eagle.  This lady would hold the eagle unto they were ready to take the picture.


Then she would remove it’s hood and they would snap the picture.


Very cool stuff…

As you can see there were lots of different items for sale.  I would have loved to purchase this but there is no room in my rig for it.  I guess I could have put it on the front of my toad, Billy.  HA!


There were many other unusual items as well such as all the beads you could even imagine.


Also special tennis shoes made for a tribe by Vans.  How cool!  I almost bought a pair.  Sorry, it is a bit out of focus.


Calendar girls…

Then the treat of the day was finding these three beautiful 2013 calendar models who posed for me.  They had a booth inside the tent and each one represented a different month for the calendar and they were gorgeous.


Had a great day…

I am really glad I decided to stay another day.  I had a wonderful time at the 2013 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow.

8 thoughts on “Gathering of Nations POW WOW

  1. Not only did you have the opportunity to attend a Pow Wow, you attended one of the premier powwows in the nation. Considered one of the best!!! Lucky you!

  2. Hi Jim,
    When you wrote to us about Silver City we were on the road and my computer was acting up. We only spent one night there and only looked around a little anyway. We want to go back sometime and see the sights. Looks like you’re having a good time . The Pow Wow must have been awesome. Chica is so adorable. Be sure to keep an eye on her when you’re out. Big Birds can just sweep down and pick up small dogs. I wanted to let you know that tonight Saturn will be very close to earth so if you’re somewhere where you can see it you might want to take a look. Have fun on your trip to Canada with Linda and John . We know you will . I don’t have/ or can’t find another e-mail for you, not sure why. Take care. Annie and Rick

  3. Yes, Jimbo, we know why you had a wonderful time. I’m wondering how they could even possess a Bald Eagle? Enjoy your touring!

  4. Wow that bird is beautiful and huge and agree with one of your posts about keeping chica close by and leashed- went to visit linda p in her place above a canyon in san clemente and she has a bjon rescue dog maybe 20 lbs and in a huge hawk did in fact try to come down and get her dog!

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