Taos, NM

The weather was really cold…

After leaving Orilla Verde I drove the 18 miles to Taos.  The weather had changed drastically.  The lady at Taos Valley RV Park told me they had snow in Denver and we were getting some of that cold front.  NO KIDDING!

I signed up here for 2 nights but are thinking of staying longer, but not sure.  It all depends on the weather.  Here is a pic of our campsite.


The snow-capped mountains are really beautiful and I am really enjoying the scenery.

On the way into town I stopped at the Walmart and decided I better get Chica a coat to wear in this frigid weather.  After all I was heading up to Colorado next week and eventually Canada by the end of the month.  It is not easy finding something in her size, but I did find this one.  I thought she might fuss a bit when I put it on her, but surprisingly she didn’t.


She actually likes her new leather coat.  I think she knows that she is really stylin.

Warmed up nicely

It has really warmed up from the time I first got here.  Chica and I took the nature trail which surrounds the park.  She really enjoyed it.


There was a beautiful view of the mountains.


Heading downtown…

Sunday I will head into the downtown area and hope to get some good pics.  I forgot until I looked at my calendar that today is Cinco de Mayo.  I hope it isn’t too busy.  I couldn’t ask for a nicer day.

8 thoughts on “Taos, NM

  1. jim we really enjoy reading your very informative blogs. we will be heading up to red river nm june 25 and you have become our weatherman thx again tim

  2. Hi Jimbo I’ve really been enjoying keeping up with your journey through the blog. I’m currently at Bluewater state park and will probably stay most of the next week here. Will then head to Santa fe and spend about a month taking care of some loose ends and visiting friends. Looks like you are already heading north to meet up for your Canada adventure. It sounds like a great time ahead. Looking forward to meeting up again somewhere down the road. Later. Chris

  3. If you’re ever in a pinch for a little chihuahua sweater cut off the top of an old sock, cut two little leg holes and try it on her. It may take a few practice tries to get leg holes in the right spot and leave enough at the top for a little turtle neck. My dogs like their sock sweaters.

    I finally bought my RV. After looking for 6 months, mostly on Craigslist, I found a 1995 El Dorado with only 29,000 miles. I cannot wait to hit the road. Tomorrow I putting new tires on it since the existing tire are dated 03/00 that makes them 13 yrs.old. They look good and have lots of tread and no weather checks. But I am not taking any chances. I don’t know where I’m going first, but I’m going.

    Little Chica looks so much like my daughter’s little Gizmo. I wish I could send you a picture.

  4. Great photos, and you are spoiling Chica, but she surely seems to be taking it all in quite well. Way to go, Jim. How was it visiting town?

  5. I would love to crochet Chica a sweater. I’ve made many to raise $ for dog rescue and just for friends. I would consider you a friend, so no charge.
    Here are photos of what they look like. http://ravel.me/deafsetter/eds
    All I need is her measurement from neck along back to just about at the tail. And measurement around broadest part of her chest. Once it’s made, you can privately email me where to mail it.

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