Great Sand Dunes National Park

Add Colorado to my “Visited States”

I left Taos and the weather was perfect.  A great day for driving.  It was only 134 miles but if you asked Chica she would tell you it was 1,000.  She hasn’t quite got used to the movement of her new home.  Hang in there bumkins!

Our destination was Great Sand Dunes National Park.  The scenery heading up there was fantastic.



I can add Colorado to my map of states that I have RV’d in.  By the way I have made a small map of all those states on the right sidebar just below the Site Meter.


It didn’t cost me anything to get into the park.  Just show my Geezer Pass.  Plus the camping was 1/2 price for no hook-up sites. I am camped in the Pinyon Flats campground and found a nice site that was fairly level in Loop 2.  Chica and I walked down and paid for 4 days and we are settled in for a nice relaxing time.

We had to move…

The next morning I was walking around the site and noticed that they had put a reserved sign on the post that covered the last 2 days we had already paid for.  What is that all about.  There was no reservation sign on the post when I posted our receipt.  I went down and talked to the host who said there was a huge group of kids coming on the 9th and 10th but I could stay in that site tonight.

I decided I better move now rather then later so I piled everything back into the rig and moved.  I had planned on moving to a particular site that seemed fairly level, but after moving there, I realized I wouldn’t have room for the toad (Billy).

Then it started to hail and thunder like crazy.  I have never seen snow hail like I did up here.  I finally found a good spot just when it finished storming.


I took a couple pics of the sand dunes as well.  Yes those are sand dunes and not snow dunes.



Just after I got moved we had a visitor.  Chica didn’t know what to think of it even though I have told her about all the bears and big animals they have up here.  It is not a great pic as it was taken through my screen.


Went for a walk…

The weather cleared up and I decided we need to go for a walk.  I dressed Chica in her stylish best and we hit the road.  She hates her coat, but puts up with it.



Love this place…

I really love this park.  It has some fantastic scenery.  I just wish I was here a bit later in the season.  There are some awesome 4WD trails some leading as high as 13,000 feet, but I am afraid that the creeks are running too high for me to chance it.  I am thinking of going to Zapata Falls which is off a dirt road and a short hike.  Stay tuned!


In the meantime this is my backyard.  Life is good!

13 thoughts on “Great Sand Dunes National Park

  1. Chica probably thinks that puffy coat makes her butt look big. You know females. I still don’t know why they didn’t tell you about the site being taken when you checked in.

  2. Well it was not all in vane. A Ranger in a US Government vehicle pulled in and gave me $20 for my not informing me. WOW! I can’t believe the Feds actually gave me the money.

  3. We spent several nights at the Dunes last Oct. What a beautiful spot! Not sure how long you will be in that area, but San Luis, just south of you, is the oldest town in CO and very interesting historically. Chris H Arvada, CO

  4. Yes, life is good for you. Happy for you about that. Chica is being a great trooper. Loved the photos, as usual!

  5. You are experiencing all kinds of weather, that’s for sure! I wouldn’t mind a little snow – but just a little. We are getting ready for a good rainstorm, I think. I’ve heard thunder a lot this afternoon, and I’m looking forward to a good rain. (I always look forward to storms, then get a little nervous if it’s a really bad one.) Chica is so cute in her coat. Katie is fine with her coat, but doesn’t like being out in the rain. In fact, I’d better take her out now before it starts raining. 🙂

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