A beautiful day in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains

Snow flurries

Woke up this morning to more snow flurries.  It did collect on the ground for a little while but then warmed up and melted.  However it did snow most of the day.


I got my Wave 3 out of storage and fired it up and it is keeping the rig at just the right temperature.  It didn’t take Chica long to figure out the warmest spot.


Short 4WD run

After it stopped snowing and things were starting to dry out I took a trip down to the Visitor’s Center.  Nice views from there and really informative Rangers.  By the way I forgot to mention that the mountains that I am backed up to are the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.

After looking around in the Visitor’s Center I decided to go for a ride.  There is a 4WD road that heads up into the mountains although most of it is closed until later in the Spring.  So off I went.  Here is the spot where I turned around.  A sign said to deflate tires to 20 lbs because of soft sand.  Unfortunately I did not have my tire inflator with me so this was the end of the trail for me.


On my return trip I spotted some mule deer off the side of the road.  I got out and took these pics.  They did not seem to be bothered by me at all.


This one was only about 15 feet away when I took this shot.


I got this pic of the sunset last night.  Really beautiful.


Great day…

Today I awoke to lots of sunshine.  I just had to go for a hike my last full day here.  I chose the Zapata Falls.  They are a few miles outside of the park and about 4 miles up a washboard gravel road.  This is a pic after driving about 1/2 up.


Zapata Falls

Once at the top there is a hike of 1/2 mile which isn’t too bad except there was an elevation gain of 400′.  Up, up and away.


This was a pic of the mountains about 1/2 way up the trail.


Finally I reached the falls except there was no real falls at this time.  The snowpack has not melted enough I guess.  This is a pic of the river.


The falls would be coming down in this area.  There was still snow and ice here.


Down the hill and back to camp

Then it was down the hill.  What beautiful scenery!



Looks like it might rain…

This is a pic heading into the campsite about 5 miles from here.  Looks like it may rain.  Once I got back it sprinkled a bit, but that was it.


It was a great day!

9 thoughts on “A beautiful day in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains

  1. Nice hike with beautiful views. Even if the falls was kind of a bust. Our girls love our blue flame heater when it’s cold. Of course, right now we definitely don’t need that.

  2. Hey Jimbo..I have a Samurai and just had an issue I think you may want to know about…My transfer case got stuck in neutral..this is the 2nd time…It’s an easy fix but I was in Orofino Id. headed out on a trip. I had no cell service or internet and took it back home to the shop that fixed it 6 yrs ago rather than try a shop way out there..Google it..transfer case stuck in gear.
    What a great toad they are…only dirt bikes can go where they can’t.
    Take care,

  3. Nice to have a 4WD to explore the area with. Colorado can be quite cold some times and snow can fall just about any time. I was at the Sand Dunes at Blanca in 1997. It’s a beautiful area for sure.

  4. Jimbo! I’m sooooooo jealous. I’d love to wake up to some snow…seems a world away at the moment. The good news is I’m leaving for Vegas in a few days and may take Utah, Wyoming, Colorado on the way to Kansas. Hey I’m sending you an e-mail about this new website I’m listing you on. Look forward to hearing from you!

  5. Those mountains north of Taos were really exceptional. Your pix and descriptions bring back memories of when I visited. My plan is to be doing similar things out west this winter.

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