Cochrane, AB Canada

Up the Cowboy Trail

We headed north on Highway 22 known as “The Cowboy Trail”.  We are now out of the mountains and into the rolling hills.  There are many cattle ranches all along the way.  Our destination was Cochrane, AB just west of Calvary.

On the way to Cochrane we stopped at the Bar U Ranch Historic Site.  They had a very impressive statue on the lawn.  The Bar U works in cooperation with Parks Canada to preserve and present ranching history.


They had several horses that both Chica and Sadie were very interested.  The breed was a Percheron, which are draft horses almost like a Clydesdale.  They were very friendly and almost wanted to play with the dogs.

Here is Chica barking away at them.  She thinks she is just as big as them. HA!


Sadie is trying to figure them out as well.  Our should I say they are trying to figure out Sadie.


Lots of kids

Just after we got there a school bus drove up with a bus load of kids. They were Mennonites children of all ages.  They all jumped out at once and were very well mannered and polite.  That was a pleasant surprise with so many kids.


The ranch had a small horse drawn wagon which Chica really enjoyed.  Do you think she may have been brought up on a ranch rather then the back alleys of Mesa, AZ?  She was right at home.


Bow Riversedge RV Park

We had made reservations for one night only at the Bow Riversedge RV Park.  We had full hook-ups for about $35.  It is right next to the Bow River on the edge of town in Cochrane, AB.  I would highly recommend it.


Just after arriving the clouds opened up and we had a good rainfall.  Then it cleared up in time for our happy hour.  Then it rained again for a short time right around dinner time.  Thus far we have had great weather throughout the trip.  It is nice and warm in the sun and then it cools down at night making for great sleeping.  This pic was taken a couple hours before sunset.


Off to Banff in the morning

Tomorrow we will have a short trip to Banff where we will spend a couple of nights.  It should be a very easy day driving.

11 thoughts on “Cochrane, AB Canada

  1. You and I both know that Chica likes the warmth from that black seat. You guys seem to be lollygagging a bit too much. Get a move on.


  2. Such beautiful scenery. How many Lazy Daze units in your caravan? Do you bumper buddy it, or just meet up at a designated spot at the end of the day. Nice you seem to have sites close together.

  3. Hi Jim,
    We are really enjoying the trip with you. The picture of Chica and the horses is so adorable. Have a good time .
    rick and annie

  4. We had friends who had Percheron’s and they are just like big huge lovable dogs. They just wanted to be loved but had a tendency to knock you over when they were asking for attention. Chica looks so cute and soooo tiny next to the horses.

  5. Chica is so brave – she’s giving those beautiful horses quite a talking-to! What did you ever do without her? I’m enjoying following along with you. 🙂

  6. That’s cool….we’ll be at Bow Riversedge July 3rd for a week……glad you like it. Looks like a nice place. Hoping to catch some of the Calgary Stampede while we’re there.

  7. Johnston’s Canyon campground located on Hyw 1A, the scenic highway out of Banff, is a great place to stay. No hookups but beautiful. It is a provincial campground. Have stayed there many times. Quiet and not that far from Banff. Great in the middle location for Banff, Lake Louise. Also you need to get to Lake Moraine which is located a little to the south of Lake Louise, but at the same turn in for Lake Louise, just go to the left instead.

  8. Looks like you are getting into some really beautiful areas- That little chica is so funny- she is very outgoing for such a small dog but she must of got her smart temperament from tuffing it out on the streets and now she is reaping the benefits! The horses were beautiful!

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