Banff, AB Canada

Lots of wet weather

We headed off in the morning to Banff.  It turned out to be a wet overcast day the entire trip.  Fortunately we only had to drive 68 miles.  Unfortunately we were unable to see many of the mountains surrounding Banff.  We stopped on the way in Canmore, AB.  We found some RV parking and decided to get out and check out the town. 


 I passed this guy who was very frigid but found a different method to stay warm.  Not sure I would try this myself. HA!



We had a fabulous lunch at Mountain Mercata and got out of the rain. Afterwards we walked around the town some more and I was able to get these pics.  It was cold and wet!



Then we were off to Banff.  We are staying at the Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court which is a huge park just on the outskirts of Banff.  It rained like crazy when we arrived but soon after it stopped and I was able to take these pics.



I got a close up of the same mountain with my telephoto lens.


Weather is getting colder

The weather here in Banff is colder so I got out the electric heater and the Wave 3 is on low so the rig stays very comfortable for both myself and Chica.  When I take her out I make sure she has her coat on.  Although it is a battle to get her to wear it, I am sure she is much warmer then without it.  We are going into Banff ans spending time just sightseeing.



4 thoughts on “Banff, AB Canada

  1. Now you are in a place we have been so often when living in Alberta. The great National Parks of the Canadian Rockies, Banff and Jasper are true attractions. Often when we visited it has been cold and wet. After all it’s mountainous terrain. On your way further up, be sure to drive the Icefield Parkway up to Jasper. Don’t miss out on seeing Peyto Lake and all the waterfalls along the road. You’re gonna love the Columbia Icefield. When arriving Jasper, take the toad and drive up to Mt.Edith Cavell and weather permitting, take the little hike to the glacier lake. It is GORGEOUS there. Also from Jasper see Mt. Robson, the highest mountain in Canada. Boy i wish to be with you and be your tour guide. Enjoy the scenery!.

  2. In between the rain, and clouds, you will get some great photos. Beautiful things to see up there. If you get a chance, go over to Emerald Lake. Check out the Kicking Horse River, too. Stay warm.

  3. So beautiful and sooo different from your desert journeys- my kind of place for sure- maybe need to find Chica some of the thin thermal underwear I use when visting our friends in Montana – she is so little and her jacket may feel like a 10 lb. coat- but of course she needs to stay warm- hope to see some new post soon.

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