Blackwell Flats Campground Part 2

Met my neighbors and a visit to Libby Dam

I finally met my neighbors today.  It turns out they are two very independent women who are traveling full time in their rig.  One is from England and the other is from South Africa.  They bought their rig and have been traveling in it since 2010.  They travel in it until there money runs out and then work for 6 months and then are on the road again.  This past year they toured the entire outside of mainland Mexico and are now on their way to Alaska.

They too have become fond of free camping spots as it gives them more time on the road before they have to return to work.

I decided to check out the Libby Dam just 4 miles up stream from my campsite.  It was closed for tours on Sunday so will have to return some time through the week.  I was able to check out their Visitor’s Center and it was very informative.  The dam is huge as you can see.




 It creates the giant Lake Koocanusa reservoir, which extends all the way into British Columbia.


I will return sometime during the week to take the free tour.  It should be really interesting.

Nice drive on a forest road

Later before returning to my campsite I found the two other Corps of Engineers parks.  Alexander Creek was closed but Dunn Creek Flats is open I will probably stay there once my time at Blackwell Flats is up.  Then I found an interesting forest road that I decided to check out.  It was a one-lane gravel road that went along Dunn Creek.


It was a very smooth road so I took it for 4 miles back into the forest.


What a neat ride.  This is what I really intended when I purchased my car.  To be able to venture down these old forest roads.


I went up the road to the 4 mile marker and then turned around.  This is a pic where it crossed the Dunn Creek.


It was a fun ride.  Looking at the map there are many of these forest roads to explore.  Hunters probably use them during the hunting season.

Today I awoke early to turn on the heat for Chica.  The weather has been very nice and I don’t even run the Wave 3 at night.  However it is overcast this morning and there was a small sprinkle last night.  I hope we aren’t in for more rain.  Anyway I happened to look out the window and saw these two in the meadow.  Unfortunately when I opened my door they heard it and took off shortly after this pic was taken.


Those two got even braver the next day and came down to the river at the next site over from mine.



I love this spot, as it is so tranquil.

Chica goes wild

Some of you have asked to include Chica in my blog more often.  I took this pic of her finishing off my Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns ice cream.  She loves it and so do I for that matter.  If you haven’t tried it you should.


Yesterday a group of picnickers came to the site next to mine.  Their huge Golden Retriever was not on a leash and happened to stroll into my campsite.  Chica could see it through the screen door and without even hesitating ran right out the door knocking it open.  She leaped off the step and was right in this dogs face.  The dog was big and must have weighed at least 75 lbs. but that made no difference to her.

The dog looked at her and slowly started heading back to its master.  I grabbed Chica and put her back in the rig.  I had to calm her down, as she wouldn’t stop barking.

I can leave my door open all day long and she will never go out of the rig until I call her.  Now I am going to have to fasten my screen door so that she doesn’t do the same thing again.  It could be an aggressive dog or even a wild animal next time.

Watch out for this wild animal the next time you are camping in the wild.


Both Chica and I are having a wonderful time in Montana!

10 thoughts on “Blackwell Flats Campground Part 2

  1. OMG, Chica is so funny. I could just picture the whole thing as I was reading. But, you’re right, next time it could be a bear or a mean dog. I’ve had (super terrible really ugly mean) people tell me that in their family they call dogs like Katie a snack. I didn’t think it was at all funny. But there are people with big mean dogs like that and as brave as Chica is, she wouldn’t win against a large aggressive dog. Gotta give her credit, though. She’s a feisty one!

    Nice deer photos – it’s been a while since I’ve seen a deer.

  2. Every time my 4# does that I have a heart attrack. She went after a pit bull!
    Beautiful pictures. Keep the pictures of Chica coming.

  3. You do have a beautiful spot up there. Skitz buries her head in Jim’s milk cup like that. Mighty Chica – she is definitely your protector isn’t she.

  4. It looks like a lovely area you’re in. That Chica is so funny! There is a guy here with the RTR group who has a little Chiweinie (cross between a chihuahua and a dachsund). It’s a little bigger than Chica but isn’t at all afraid of the big dogs. Those tiny dogs have the greatest personalities!

  5. Hi Jim….did you work at Turtle Rock near Gold Beach, OR? If so, what was your experience like…I am considering a workamper job there……dawn holley

  6. That Chica is a gutsy little gal! Yes, I would lock the screen door. Who knows who she might invite in? 🙂 You can put those dog obedience classes to use now. (If you ever had taken any.)
    Again, a beautiful and rustic area. The Gods are smiling upon you two. 🙂

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