Murals of Libby, MT

Moved to Fireman Memorial Park

The weather finally started to cool off (80’s) so I decided to move to the Fireman Memorial Park.  It is a small park in the heart of Libby, MT with lots of trees to keep us cool.  There are only about 10 sites so decided on this one.


It is a great little spot, but if you enlarge the pic you will see that I am camped out about 50 feet from Rosauers Supermarket.  This has really come in handy though especially for brewskies and fresh veggies.  Unfortunately there is a path through the park that is used by a lot of people that live outside the park as a shortcut to the market.  It does get a lot of traffic and got Chica to barking a lot whenever someone would go by.  After a few days though she has finally gotten used to them and has settled down.  Now she only barks at the occasional dog being walked down that path.


There really aren’t too many campers here even though it was the 4th of July weekend, but I did see a few come and go.  There is a 5 day limit on camping here so will I will probably stay 4 days and move on down the road. Changed my mind and am going to stay an extra day and leave on Tuesday.

A plus that Chica really enjoyed was a walk over to the park, which is right next to the campground.  Here is a pic of Chica sitting in the laps of two cuddly bears.


She is also a great guard dog whenever any other dogs go by.  She lets them know who is the real boss.


Murals of Libby

One of the neat things I noticed about Libby were the many murals painted on the sides of many of the buildings around town.  After spotting a couple I decided to keep an eye open for them.  Then I really started to notice many of them.

Yesterday I got my camera and started carousing about town to see what I could find.





I happened to notice a street fair down the main drag of town so decided to check it out.  As I saw more and more of these fabulous murals I stopped to ask someone if they knew who made them.  Sure enough he did and directed me to Todd Berget who also had a booth displaying statues of eagles he had created.

I had to meet this guy so went down to his booth and introduced myself and we began talking about the murals.  He is an art teacher at the Alternative School and told me that the murals were created by he and his students.  The students did the initial work and then he finished up.  He mentioned that he did not take any credit for the murals and did not put his name on them.  Instead all the students that took part in creating the mural added their names to it.  That is why you will see so many names in the corner.  This next pic is a good example.


Then I focused in on the creators of the mural.


He explained to me that there were many murals throughout the town.  Here are a few more pics of these fabulous murals.




Finally a HUGE fishin’ pole that caught a wopper in the creek that runs right next to the supermarket.


Todd also created the huge eagles on either end of the town.



Very unique creations

Todd also worked with a student to erect this unique statue out front of the Ace Hardware.  They found the old truck, painted it and formed the firecracker and then erected it.  How cool!


I don’t know if he was responsible for this one, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was.



Cozy little campground

I really enjoyed my stay at the Fireman Municipal Park Campground.  It was $10 per night but no electric.  They did have a dump station and you could also get water.  It was within walking distance to just about everything in Libby.  There were very tall Ponderosa pines everywhere making it very shady.  However I had to run my generator in the morning.  In my location I would not get good sun light on my solar panels until about 5pm.

But the wildflowers were beautiful as you can see.




Stop here if you get the chance

If you are anywhere near this area I suggest you take a few days and see the wonderful sites around here.  I didn’t have any knowledge of Libby, MT and it’s surrounding area, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I wouldn’t mind staying around here longer, but have committed to visiting friends in another week so need to head out.

I was going to leave Monday morning but since I have another day left at this campground I have decided to stay through Monday and leave  on Tuesday.  There is just too much to see in this little town and it’s surrounding area.

10 thoughts on “Murals of Libby, MT

  1. Love this blog, you remind me of Charles Kuralt , finding all the interesting places and people there are to see in our country !

  2. Jim

    You might want to consider when you post a place name, post the State. Makes it easier to identify and find.


  3. Had to check a map and see where Libby is. Looks like a nice little town, surrounded by national forests. Not many campgrounds where you can walk to the market for beer!

  4. I actually have the wildflowers of pic one and pic 3 in my yard as purple and blue are my favorite colors- and as you head further into Montana if you are anyway close to their little airport then park and go inside and check it out- it is really cool and they have the stuffed wildlife in glass enclosures such as bears, a grizzly bear standing up- it is so huge!! glad the weather is cooling down! Oh and scallops on the grill – put some melted butter on some foil and then add the scallops and drizzle with lemon- then turn once- I tried to put them directly on the grill but they would always stick and break off- the best thing is to use and outdoor grill pan for the Barbie

  5. What an interesting entry today. Very enjoyable. It reminds me that I need to get out around my own town and take photos of some murals we have that may be interesting to some folks. Thanks.

  6. Great photos of all the murals etc, Jim. I was just talking with someone today about murals! 🙂 The location you had appeared to be great and with the wonderful guard dog that you have it was even safe. A plus for everyone. :-))

  7. What a neat little town. Not only is the teacher a good guy for what he’s doing, but also the town, itself, for allowing him and his students to do all the murals, etc. A real win-win-win. The third win is for all the people enjoying their work. Cute photos of little Chica! 🙂

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