Warm Springs USDA Campground – Conner, MT

Found a great spot

I was looking for a spot that was not too far off Highway 93 since I would be driving south on it.  I was fortunate to find a great campground just about 1.5 miles off the highway.  No highway noise and lots of dense forest.  I got parked and took this pic out my window.  You can see that the forest is very dense up here.


Here is a pic of the campsite just a short distance down the road.


The sound of the creek is very soothing

We are parked about 100 feet from Warm Springs Creek.  The sound of the water is very soothing.  I wish I could find a place like this every time I decide to camp.  We could hear it but you couldn’t see it.

Chica and I would take walks around the entire campgrounds each day.  Since the forest was so dense there were only a couple spots where you had access to the creek.  They were somewhat steep and Chica did not like them when I first introduced her to these trails.  She was a bit nervous but with a bit of coaxing she did OK.  However, Chica does not like water and doesn’t even want to get close to it.

Here is the only spot where we were able to get down right by the creek.




The temps got into the 90’s the entire time we were there but we were able to keep cool since we were in the shade.  However we still got plenty of sun for the solar panels to restore our house batteries.

Found a great spot

I had Internet and cell phone service here but the Internet kept cutting out and it took forever to upload pics for these posts.  But I wanted to catch up so usually did Internet stuff in the late afternoon when I was able to stay on line more.

These is a pic of the surrounding area.  We had peaks on either side of us.


I originally signed up for 3 days at $4 per day with my “Geezer Pass”.  I swear you can’t believe the cost of these fabulous Montana Forest parks.  They are everywhere and so inexpensive.


After 3 days I still had room in my tanks and plenty of water.  However, I was out of beer and just enough wine for another day.  So Chica and I went down and paid our $4 for the next day.  So now we have been here four days and enjoyed every minute.


I have been in the Bitterroot Mountains and Bitterroot Valley since July 15.  I cannot say enough about this area.  It is really beautiful and a place I would always like to return to.  There are so many campgrounds that need to be visited.  Unfortunately I will only have one more day in this area and then heading to new adventures.

9 thoughts on “Warm Springs USDA Campground – Conner, MT

  1. Poor little Chica! We have a chihuahua mix dog that has feet/paw issues. We carry a regular school-type backpack with us on hikes. We he is getting tired, we put him in the backpack, on a blanket, head sticking out. He LOVES getting a free ride! Even though he doesn’t weigh much, carrying him does get heavy!! He gets all sorts of comments!

  2. I’m certainly glad you have your priorities straight: beer & wine is at the top of the list.


    Thanks for the smiles and beautiful scenery and wonderful times you share with us all.

  3. You need to just plan on coming back up this way every summer. Our girls don’t like the water either. Don’t want to get anywhere near it.

  4. Beautiful area! Really nice photos. I can see why you love it so much, especially at $4/night!

    Katie is the same way about water. I’ve placed her four feet in water at the edge of lakes on hot days, and she’s okay, but right away she moves back away from the water. I guess Chihuahuas are not water dogs.

  5. Hey Jimbo..Not sure if you are notified from this old post…But..Thanks, the next time I’m close to Sula I’ll stop for the night at Warm Springs C.G…Due to your visit..

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