Slide Lake and beyond + Chica

Off to Slide Lake

A few of us decided to drive up to Slide Lake and do some kayaking.  The road to it starts about 2 miles past Kelly, WY.  The road gets rather rough the last couple of miles although it is paved.  Slide Lake is past the Gros Ventre Slide where there was a huge mountain slide.  It is very beautiful back there.  All the pics taken today seem rather dark but it was because we were getting the smoke from the Idaho fire.


When we got their the weather was very cold and the wind was blowing hard.  We all decided it would not be a good day to go out on the lake.  Here is a pic of John trying to stay warm and Linda discussing our plans.


This pic is of a beautiful farm located right on the lake.


Down the gravel road to further campgrounds

Everyone headed back to the campgrounds, but I wanted to drive on to see the next campground about 5 miles down a gravel road.  John wanted to go as well so we headed on down that road.  It was washboard road most of the way and very bumpy.  We made it to the campground, which was very small.  It would be great for tent camping and fishermen as it was right on the river.



Driving back we passed this beautiful rock formation.  This is the actual color of the rock although the sky was different because we were getting the smoke form the fire in Idaho for the first time.


There were several large farms located in these canyons with lots of horses and cattle.  We also passed a ranch that did trail rides through the area.




The river was really nice back there. 


Chica in the spotlight

Many of you have asked for more Chica pics and how she is adapting to Wyoming.  Chica is doing very well.  She likes to sit up in the window and watch all the doggies pass by during their walks through the campground.  She is not accustomed to that many dogs all the time.  She and I have been working on her barking each time a dog passes near our rig.  She is getting very good at not barking and of course she is rewarded with cookies for being such a good girl.



Here she is playing with her favorite toy ducky.  She loves her ducky and loves to make it squeak.


We had a “Happy Hour” and invited Shannon who works as a camp host at the Jenny Lake campground.  Chica was a bit wiggly so it turned out a bit blurry.


Life is Good!

7 thoughts on “Slide Lake and beyond + Chica

  1. So are you telling me that Linda won’t buy John long pants and a jacket? As hard as he works I think he deserves better.

    That last photo is blurry but Chica wasn’t holding the camera. You shouldn’t blame poor little Chica.


  2. I really like the looks of that campground on the river. Too bad it is not big enough for RVs. Chica is adorable as always. Glad she is enjoying WY and working on her barking manners haha!

  3. BarkOff – As seen on TV – $10 at Walgreens. Works VERY well for all three of my full-timing dogs. Try googling it? Also, one of our dogs is small/part chihuahua, older, feet issues – we carry an empty backpack with a light fleece blanket. After he has done some walking, we put him in the regular book-type backpack and carry on with our hike. He LOVES his free ride and is kept cozy and secure…his little head sticking out. We have some pics of little Oreo on our FB page CBreaze Ontheroad. We use an empty washed out peanut butter plastic jar to carry fresh water for our guys!

  4. Pretty area, even with the smoke. Dear little Chica is getting a bit more meat on those bones? She’s got you right in her paw. 🙂

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