Floating down the Snake River

It took three cars!

After hiking we decided to take a kayak float down the Snake River.  Jane and Ron each had their own kayak and John and I were going in John’s kayak.  We were all getting in a the Dam at Jackson Lake.  The plan was for John and I to float down to Pacific Creek and get out there.  Jane and Ron who are more experienced kayakers would then continue on down to Deadman’s and exit the river there.

That’s where the confusion starts.  Jane and Ron drove their car with their kayaks down to the dam where they unloaded them.  Ron stayed there to watch the kayaks.  John and I both drove our cars to Dead Man’s.  Then Jane drove from the dam to Dead Man’s where she left her car.  She hopped in John’s car and I followed him to Pacific Creek where I left my car.  Then off in John’s car to the dam where we started our float.

Here we are at the dam.



All these pics were taken by Jane as she has a waterproof camera.  I didn’t want to take the chance of ruining mine.  I guess a waterproof camera is on my wish list when I get to Amazon this winter.

You hardly have to paddle at all since the current carries you downstream.  You don’t even realize how fast you are going until you look at the bank.  Very cool!


Spotted a bald eagle!

We were really fortunate to spot a bald eagle.  It caught a fish and took it back to it’s nest just next to the river.  Then it proceeded to feed it’s young.  We couldn’t see the babies but we could tell it was feeding them.  That was really an amazing experience.


This is a pic of John and I watching the bald eagle in it’s nest.


Ron brought his fishing pole with him and did some fishing while floating downstream.  He did catch a small fish but threw it back in.




We estimated we floated about 5 miles and then got out at Pacific Creek.  What a great time we had.  Jane and Ron floated further down to Dead Man’s which took another 2 hours.  It was a perfect day to float down this beautiful river.

On the way back to the campground we took the inner road through Grand Teton NP.  It had spectacular views of the mountains.


9 thoughts on “Floating down the Snake River

    • Hi HoboJoe,

      My Kayak is a Sea Eagle 370 which I purchased from http://inflatableboats4less.com/ They gave me a better price then Sea Eagle yet it is the same kayak. It can hold up to 650 lbs and is rated for 3 people although much better with just 2 people. It uses 38 mil PolyKrylar (K80 PVC) and is very durable.
      It weighs 32 lbs and folds up into a large bag that comes with it. I would suggest going to the website and checking it out. Lots of good pics and compares other models.
      I really enjoy mine.


  1. I love the Teton’s. Have camped there many times. At the base of Signal Mountain in the evening the elk come down to feed. There is a dirt road on the south side of the mountain that you can turn on and go back about a mile or two to watch them.

  2. Very peaceful looking! When you ordered the kayak and it came to Dads house his comment was
    there goes Jimmy and his toys!!! He would of loved to see this!

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