No traveling for this guy

Thanks Ford for the great service?

I packed everything up and left my campground and headed to Rock Springs to have my rig serviced.  I also wanted them to check my brakes and a few other things as well.  I went to a lube shop and they couldn’t do it.  So then I headed to the local Ford dealer where I figured they could surely do it.  NOPE!  They said the rig was too big and they didn’t have the proper equipment to work on it.

There is only one Ford dealer I have ever taken my rig to that really knows what they are doing.  Unfortunately they are located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and a bit of a drive from here.  Some of you might remember an instance I had with the Dallas Ford Dealer some time ago when I needed a fuel pump and they had no idea where to get it.

This is a friggen Ford truck for crying out loud!  There are a million of them on the road.  Anyway they gave me the name of an RV service guy who they said could do the work I was asking about.  OK, I will go to him.  Drove all over hell finding him and when I got there he said he couldn’t do the work as well.  He gave me the name of a heavy equipment repair outfit and I went to him.

By this time most of the day had been used up and he could do it but not today.  So I headed on up to the same spot I was in when I started the day and parked for the weekend.  I wasn’t really excited about traveling on Labor Day weekend anyway so I guess it worked out OK.


At least I will be saving some money as I don’t have to pay for either campgrounds or gasoline.

Great sunset views

I did happen to get some great sunset pics.





Chica loves to run

The next day I let Chica off her leash to just run.  I know she would rather run on a nice green lawn but this will have to do.  Before I let her out without a leash I made sure their were no big raptors around to grab her.  I have seen only a few very small birds one morning and the horses and that is all the wildlife around here.



And she always runs home!


Exciting Day!!!

Today started out as normal.  There were many cars and ATV’s driving on the road.  Then I looked up an saw the Sheriff drive past with all their lights blaring.  Then it was the Fire Department.



Then I saw a couple of ambulances.  Finally everyone returned and then I saw a large wrecker go past.  A while later the wrecker returned with a damaged jeep.  The pics aren’t that great, but it shows the damage.



I am not sure what happened but apparently that jeep went someplace it shouldn’t.  Maybe he/she was drinking too much.  It just reminded me that even though I have a 4-wheeler I cannot go everywhere and you still have to be cautious.  Fortunately the police and fire services came out to this area to help them.

I have had high winds all day and now it is sprinkling.  One way to wash my rig and Sami.

16 thoughts on “No traveling for this guy

  1. It’s worse finding service for the E450. Jiffy Lube here in CA will usually take care of O&F and light stuff, but the big stuff like brakes, Trans, etc are worse

    • If you’re ever close to Oakland, I highly recommend Specialized Auto Service and East Bay Frame and Axle, both right next door to each other on Doolittle and Davis St. George at Specialized Auto is sought out for work on older rigs. Both shops work on ambulances, school buses, police cruisers, firetrucks, etc. as well as a lot of restoration work. EB F&A, well, you could practically eat off the floor their shop is so neat. My little 1999 MB looks downright puny in one of their bays. In fact, look for whoever services the local ambulance fleet. They can take care of ‘ya. Tell ’em Kathy sent you. 🙂

  2. Jim, if you are heading east to Rawlins go to the old prison. I lived in the area a few years ago and did a tour of the prison and the museum, both are nice. Saratoga has a hot pool in town that is nice and there is some nice national forest campground not far from town. Also take Sami and check out the Snowy Range.

  3. Jim, you’ve outdone yourself with the sunset photos. Breathtaking!! Chica is quite the gal. (spoiled rotten, I might add) 🙂

  4. Anyone with any brains, a level cement pad and a heavy duty bottle jack should be able to do that brake job. Like you said it’s a Ford for gosh sakes. I used to do mine by in my crushed stone driveway with a tarp over to stop the rain from getting me wet. They’re all Armchair Mechanics these days. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  5. Up here in Maine, they can’t work at the little garages/dealers because they aren’t “licensed” for work on medium-duty trucks (Ford F-350 Dualie). Got to take it where they work on big box trucks, just to get a State inspection sticker. Royal PITA. You got my sympathies, Jim.

  6. Great photos and a wonder racing Chi !!.

    My sympathies on your Ford troubles. I had a F350 Jayco and went through the gamut – brakes, tires, catylic converter, batteries, and the usual maintenance issues in the 11 years i owned it. Not easy, but worth it to be RVing and not tied to a house.

  7. You couldn’t get any clearer pictures of Chica running? 😉

    If you think about it Jim that Jeep looks like it was rolled. Both of the front corners are smashed down and the windshield looks like it has seen better days.

  8. hey been reading your blog for sometime now was in deming this spring drove out to rockhound to meet ya but you had left a couple of days prior, ive got a older class c bornfree rv that ive redone top to bottem I had a lot of work done at e and m in deming if ya ever need work done they are the the best ive found I found them to be honest not overpriced and very knowledgeable the owner worked for ford back when our fords were built once I saw there work I went ahead and had them put new ford moter and trans carb rad belts brakes ect the labor was 1500 bucks and done right they let me stay right at there shop and gave me electric so I didnt have to pay for a motel room hope to meet up with ya some time great blog ya have keep posting

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