Chica takes a walk

Chica takes me for a walk

I have been on the lookout for raptors or any large birds.  I have seen a raven once and a couple of grouse but that is it.  I would expect to see more hawks in this area, but apparently they are elsewhere.  I did this so that Chica could go off her leash and run.  She loves to run and hike.  Most of the time she will stay right at my side, but there are occasions when she will want to run ahead.

Let's hit the trail

Let’s hit the trail


What's taking you so long Dad?

What’s taking you so long Dad?



Heading for home

Heading for home

Huge thunder cloud

Shortly after we got home I started seeing a huge thundercloud off in the distance.  Soon it was almost overhead and coming our way.



Then there was rain and a lot of it.  That cloud just emptied on us.


It didn’t last too long, but it sure soaked everything including the road we had just walked down.


Then it stopped as fast as it started.


Another beautiful sunset

Then we had another beautiful sunset.


Life is good!

10 thoughts on “Chica takes a walk

  1. Looks like Chica had a great time and got you home just in time for the downpour !

    The pictures are so beautiful.
    rick and annie

  2. Just a thought, but do you ever consider you might be in a flood area? Or, do they never set up camp grounds in those areas? Ya, the “kids” seem to have a bit more energy!

  3. Great pics Jim! I’ve noted the location so if, and it’s a big if, I get to that area I can stop for a while. 🙂 BTW, if you ever get into SE Washington there is a GOOD Ford Dealer in Proser, WA. Tom Denchel Ford. They worked on my 35 foot MH (fuel pump, not brakes). Very fair. Great guys!

  4. Reading your post tonight relaxed me and allowed my blood pressure to drop to healthy levels. Thanks for the perfect combination of Chica + boon docking + rain + clouds = serenity and tranquility!

  5. Chica is such a cutie. Katie loves to run, too. It’s so nice for them to get off-leash once in a while.

    That sure is a well defined thunder cloud – I hope you stay long enough for the ground to dry out so you won’t get stuck. Must have been quite a rain storm! 🙂

  6. Great pictures of Chica. I remember when we had our little chihuahua mix (Gidget), we would always watch for hawks. Even now, it’s kind of a joke with us. When a shadow of a hawk passes over we turn to each other and say “Run Gidget!” Chica is sure cute.

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