Balloon Fiesta Day 1

Cold day

It was very windy on Friday, but it calmed down enough for the balloons to make their ascent on the opening day of the 2013 Balloon Fiesta.  However the wind was on again off again and many of them did not travel very far.  I got a pic of the captain waving at us.


This is my 3rd Balloon Fiesta and it gets better every year.  I missed last year because I had camp hosted in central Oregon and decided I didn’t want to travel 1,300 miles from there to the BF and then another 1,000 miles to Fernley, NV to work at Amazon.

Sometimes the wind was very still as you can see in this next pic of Roger’s windsock.


This caused many balloons to land prematurely.



I have not seen the hummingbird balloon before and I was able to get this pic of it drinking out of another balloon.  HA!


I also got a great pic looking almost straight up into this balloon.


That’s it for now.  We had a hot dog dinner tonight with lots of side dishes.  Very yummy and lots to eat.

7 thoughts on “Balloon Fiesta Day 1

  1. I agree – that hummingbird shot is a lucky one-of-a-kind picture. You should submit it to the next photo contest you see – for the Balloon marketing, or a Kodak contest. I doubt many of those were taken. 🙂

  2. Jim take some photos of the Lazyday group. Would be nice to see them since we are like you last year and we are in Oregon.

  3. Hi Jimbo, The pictures are really great as usual. Here in Bowling Green,Ky we have a Hot air Balloon Festival also. Just had it two weekends ago. Not as big as the NM Festival but well worth attending. Keep the pics comeing my friend….HoboJoe

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