Routine and exciting stuff at the Balloon Fiesta

Walking the dogs

Frank drove john and I and all the dogs over to the baseball field to let them run.  Usually Chica loves to run on the grass, but the larger dogs overwhelmed her today.  Instead she decided to wait in the dugout on the bench.



Put me in coach.  I can run really fast.

Honey Wagon

There is a “Honey Wagon” that for $25 will empty your holding tanks.


Neat tow vehicle

I sure like this tow vehicle. HA!


Going to the Glowdeo

John and I took the shuttle across the street to the fiesta grounds where it is much like a huge fair.




There were even big monsters. HA!



You could walk among all the balloons.  It is amazing how huge they are close up.




Then they started the glow.  The balloons are tethered. This was a member of the crew that helps to keep the balloon in place.


The do a blast that lights up the balloon and lasts between 5 and 10 seconds.  It is really a site to see.



Tomorrow it is off to Old Town.

5 thoughts on “Routine and exciting stuff at the Balloon Fiesta

  1. Wow! I would love to be there. Great pics. I can feel the excitement…No wonder that they keep small and big dogs apart in dog parks and kennels. The monsters easily can crush a little one with their boisterous horsing around :)) Chica knows that. Clever girl!

  2. Some day I’d like to be there – the glowing balloons are beautiful.

    I understand how Chica feels, Katie does the same thing. She seems to like to run with smaller or medium sized dogs.

    Have fun at Old Town. 🙂

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