Still alive and Kickin’

Lack of posts

I must apologize for my poor lack of posting.  It seems like all I do is eat and sleep and I haven’t really had much to say  But I am sorry as several of you have wondered if anything has happened.  As a matter of fact something has happened.  It is called the Amazon work camp.

I got my release date of Dec 18 which is the soonest they have ever cut us loose.  YEA!  I will probably leave her on the 20th and head for sunny SO CAL to be with my family at Christmas.

Getting really cold!!!

Yesterday we were hit with a cold front directly from the north.  It brought a couple of inches of snow and bitter cold weather.  The temps are forecasted to be single digits and Saturday it is supposed to be -3.  That is way too cold for me.  I have both my electric heater and my furnace running 24/7.  Chica is very comfortable aside from the bitter cold outdoors.


Here she is laying on her heated bed.  I purchased a pet bed warmer from Amazon (naturally) and she loves it.  Her she is relaxing in her nice warm bed.


We didn’t get a lot of snow but enough to cover the ground for a while.


Dead Battery

I had a hunch that my battery was on it’s last legs but thought it would be OK.  I should have listened to my intuition and gone ahead and bought one a week or so ago.  Oh no.  Not me.  Well anyway I got up this morning and it was DEAD!  It was my neighbor Shannon’s day off and she offered to drive me down to get a new one.  I got it installed and everything is back to normal.  However I missed a day and my mandatory overtime day is tomorrow and I will be working for straight time only.  YUK!

Snow all over the mountains

I got this picture facing Amazon and the mountains in the back with all the snow.  It sure is beautiful, but I will take the desert anytime.


Looking forward to SO CAL and Q

I am really looking forward to seeing my family over the holidays and then on to Q at the beginning of January.  I should be getting there about the 4th.

Stay tuned and I promise not to be so long between posts.

19 thoughts on “Still alive and Kickin’

  1. Thanks for the update Jim! Looking forward to seeing you in January. It’s cold up here in Seattle too but beautiful blue sky sunny days! Happy Holidays!
    Marti and Charlie

  2. I figured you were probably exhausted and only had energy to climb into bed at night. Glad to hear from you. Stay warm and hang in there.

  3. Whew…good to hear from you at last. Some of us were getting worried! Especially about Chica…oh, and you, too…:) Just kidding. Glad you don’t have to work so hard for much longer.

  4. Chica never had it so good. You are treating her royally. Surprised they are cutting you loose so soon from Amazon. Yep, that intuition is one important element in humans. Now you will know to follow it next time. Easy travels. 🙂

  5. I figured you were working hard and didn’t have time to post. I’m sure you’ll be glad when your work for the season is done. That does seem kind of early – I’d think people will be buying things like crazy until almost Christmas. But I’m sure they know. Chica, as usual, is darling. Take care of yourself.

  6. Unlike with Al from the Bayfield Bunch we are so worried if you don’t blog every day. We know you are working and working hard. I’m afraid we won’t see you this year, which is a real bummer, but the choices we made will keep us away from the south west this year. But you must enjoy the warmer weather once you get out of Dodge. Take Care, Jim(bo)

  7. Jim, glad you were able to update. I miss hearing your take on this camping life. Amazon in Coffeyville hasn’t given cutoff dates yet but we are into -2 degrees tomorrow and about that bad on Monday so all of us Camperforce folks that haven’t already headed for warmer are anxiously waiting for our release so we can head south too. Good luck with your last two weeks and enjoy the time you get to rest. Hope to see you in Q.

  8. An Amazon question… Do many people leave early because of the weather?
    I’d think the bonus at the end & knowing winter was coming before you started would keep folks there. I was surprised to see a release date a week before Christmas with all the stories I’d heard of the Christmas season at Amazon.

  9. Wow from a homeless dog wandering the streets of Arizona to having her own bed warmer- I would say that she hit the jackpot!!! But you did to!!!

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