From Super HOT to Super COLD

Played Hookey

Last Monday I called in sick Cough, cough!) to go with friends to visit a brothel.  We all went to the World Famous Mustang Ranch for lunch and a tour of the place.  It sure beat working at Amazon, that is for sure.  HA!


We got there and had lunch at their Wild Horse Saloon restaurant/bar.  Lunch was good especially with the pole dancers in the background.  After lunch we then took the tour.  It started with a big room where your could buy souvenirs as well as many adult toys.  Having worked at Amazon we see many more adult toys then even at the Mustang Ranch.  HA!

Our tour guide told us all about the ranch and took us through many of the rooms where the girls do their thing with their clients.  It was very interesting to see the many different styles in each room.

We were not allowed to bring in either cameras or cell phones so I couldn’t get any pics.  However we did get several pics once we got outside.

Here is a great pic of the girls in our group.



Us guys strike a few poses as well.



It was a great time which we all enjoyed.

Weather dips in single digits

The weather here has dipped into the single digits.  It is very cold at night.  One morning I woke up and checked the temps.  It said it was 3 degrees feeling like -6.  Hows that for cold?

My 20 gallon propane tank was empty one morning when I awoke and the furnace was blowing cold air.  YUK!  I switched over to my 5 gallon tank.  A couple of nights later I awoke at 2:30 in the morning and found the tank was empty.  I had to switch over to my propane tank in my RV.  It was very cold going out in my pajamas.  I decided to have the park fill the 20 gallon tank 1/2 full so hopefully I have enough propane to last until I leave.

Tanks frozen

Since the weather is so cold all my tanks have frozen.  I have not had water for about almost a week.  The weather warmed up yesterday and when I got home I was able to run my water.  However when I got up this morning there was barely a trickle out of the tap.  I hope that it will thaw out some so I can take a nice shower as I really need one.

I am not the only one in that predicament.  Many of the other campers I have talked to have the same problem.

4 working days to go

My last working day is Wednesday.  I plan to get everything packed up and ready to go and leave here Friday morning.  I will arrive in SO CA on Saturday to enjoy time with family and friends on Sunday and for the 2 weeks after that.  My sister has planned getting together with family and many friends I have not seen for over a year.  It should be a blast!!



10 thoughts on “From Super HOT to Super COLD

  1. I bet you will be glad to be out of the cold here soon. I’m sure Chica is staying nice and toasty on her heated pet bed. Have a wonderful time with your family and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. You definitely need to get south and warmer. Frozen tanks would not be fun. We visited the Chicken Ranch in Pahrump. But no tour for us.

  3. How painful that excursion must’ve been for all of you. I am not talking about the frozen tanks. Enjoy your family and friends. 🙂

  4. YOU wrote: “……where the girls do their thing with their clients. It was very interesting to see the many different styles in each room.”

    Well, no wonder there was no camera or cellphone allowed! ROFL
    I bet you had a nice tour! So funny.

    Now, get yourself out of the cold weather area asap and, have a great holiday with your family!

  5. When I was in high school, the boys used to talk about the Mustang Ranch, as if they had been there. Right!!! It was so funny. Glad to know it’s still in business after all these years.

    It must be a real pain to have all your tanks frozen. Soon you’ll be in warmer weather, I’d bet you can’t wait to arrive in Southern California. 🙂

  6. Oh you Dog!!! Cough,Cough!!! Wish I had been in your I would’ve went also. Would say I hoped you had a great time but its pretty obvious you did. Hows Chica handleing the cold.???? Anyway try and stay warm…..HoboJoe

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