Ideal weather

The weather this year so far has been ideal.  It is in the low to mid 70’s during the day with almost no clouds.  At night it may get down in the mid to low 40’s.  Lots of sunshine means great solar.  I have been able to play my music during the day and watch some TV at night.  I also run Chica’s bed warmer off my inverter at night and she really loves that.


I have been doing a bit of hiking the past few days.  Sara of (rvingsolo  fame) and I hiked up to the old silver mines that you can see from a distance across Yuma Rd.


This is the mountain with the big Q on it.


Also hiked into town a few times to check out the flea markets.  Everything looks the same as in past years.  Yesterday we hiked into town to the produce market to pick up some fresh veggies and fruit.  The only problem was that the produce market as we knew it was no longer there.  The store next to it selling a variety of things had taken over for them when they let their lease lapse.  They had a few veggies and some fruit but not nearly as good as the old produce market.  Bummer!!!

Tailgating in the Desert

Yesterday we had a tailgate party for the Chargers – Broncos game.  It was really fun.  Some of us were rooting for the Chargers (me) while many were rooting for the Broncos.


  While we were watching the game three other rigs pulled in.  Marti and Charlie, Cookie and Frank as well as Jim and Pam.  Everyone got parked and set up and came over to partake in our party.  Jim and Gayle (Life’s Little Adventures) rode their bikes over from where they were staying to join us as well for a bit before they rode back.


They will be joining us about mid week along with Debbie.

Lots of rigs

Right now we have 12 rigs and Rogers 1/2 Acre is growing.  At least two more rigs will be getting here the middle of the week.  There is plenty of room for expansion and everybody is pretty much spread out.  COME ON OUT AND JOIN US!

6 thoughts on “QUARTZSITE, AZ

  1. The best thing about Q is the people who camp there! We will miss y’all this year. Missing Q was not planned, but a hitch in our getaway! Enjoy for us too, please.

  2. Of course the weather is perfect – I’m not there! Laughing here. Got a question for you, is that Chuck & Bev in the picture of folks watching football. If so, how is Bev doing? Enjoy Q!

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