Mittry Lake

Left Quechan Casino

Monday I left the casino and headed to Mittry Lake via Walmart in Yuma.  Mittry Lake is on BLM land just about 5 miles from Imperial Dam.  At Walmart I picked up a few groceries and a set of trekking poles.  I had borrowed a pole while hiking outside of Quartzsite and found it very helpful so decided to get my own.

Then it was on to meet up with Gayle and Jim (Life’s Little Adventures) and Debbie.  They have a great spot on a bluff overlooking the lake and they saved a spot for me.


It is a great spot and very level.  I am planning on being here for a few weeks as the price is right ($0).

Tuesday Jim and I drove over to the Christian Service Center just outside Imperial Dam to look for a lift kit for Jim’s solar panels.


Unfortunately they didn’t have what he was looking for but they did have lots of solar panels, batteries and inverters of all sizes.  On our way back we decided to drive around and check out other camping areas and found several that had great views such as this one.


Hiking in the area

There are a lot of great hiking trails in the area and yesterday we were looking for some nice trails.  We found one that went way up into the hills.  Someone had taken the time to decorate it with rocks and even had Christmas bulbs decorating a cactus.  I forgot to take my camera so didn’t get any pics.  I will try to remember it the next time.

Dental Appointment

I mentioned that I was going to go with Gayle and Debbie to the dentist on Tuesday.  I was wrong as their dental appointment was on Thursday.  I called the dentist to make an appointment, but the soonest I could get in would have been next week.  I then mentioned that my friends had dental appointments on Thursday so they fit me in at the same time.  How nice was that?  So tomorrow I will be getting up early (for a change) and heading to Mexico and my new dentist.

Weather has been great

This is the best weather I can remember since my first year coming to this area.  There have been a few cloudy days, but no rain and most of the days have cloudless blue skies.  Great solar!  It has been in the 70’s and next week it should be going into the 80’s.


11 thoughts on “Mittry Lake

  1. We just read that we’re likely to have snow on the ground in the morning here in Eugene. I need some dental work done, so I’ll take your dental appointment on Thursday and you can shovel my sidewalk…deal???

  2. Thanks for showing us around. Mittry Lake is a place I plan to visit, after I get solar panels installed, so that really helps. Good luck with your dental appointment.

  3. I haven’t been to Mittry Lake yet, but almost turned on the road when I was checking out Imperial Dam a few days ago. I decided I’d checked out enough places and just kept going to Hot Springs. Next time I’ll make that turn. It’s so nice camping near a lake. It has been a good season, hasn’t it? Good luck Thursday with the dentist. 🙂

  4. Hope you have as good luck as I did with your dentist. Jim did some fishing on Mittry Lake but we didn’t camp there. Have a good time.

  5. Sounds like we may have criss-crossed paths Monday. We were in Yuma’s east end Walmart as well. Drove around the Imperial Dam area when you were maybe a few miles south at Mitry Lake. On our way back to the Kofa’s that day we saw a blue Lazy Daze heading south on 95 & I said to Kelly ‘I wonder if that was Jimbo’. Guess not because you were already at Mitry…………

    • Bummer!! I would love to catch up with you guys sometime. Will probably be at Mittry Lake some time into March as I have dental work to have done down in Algadones.

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