Tooth Pulled

Tuesday I went to my dentist Dr Eva Urena in Algadones, MX and had a tooth pulled.  *$?@^!  It was not at all fun and no I did not stop and have a Margarita on the way back home.  Now I have to wait 3 weeks for my mouth to heal and then she will remove two crowns and take impressions for a bridge.  After getting my tooth pulled I had to go to the Pharmacia for antibiotics and pain killers.  Then unlike the previous time I was in Algadones the line going back into the US was wrapped around the block.  Oh well, I am glad that is over.


Beautiful Sunset

Last night was a great night for the sunset.  The few clouds in the ski really accented the setting sun.

DSC_0914 DSC_0916


Lazy Days in a Lazy Daze

The weather is really getting hot.  It is supposed to go up to 89 today and then into the 90’s this weekend.  But a lot of the time we have a nice breeze off of the lake.  Chica is certainly taking it easy as you can see.


She loves the sun pouring in through the window.

8 thoughts on “OUCH!!!!!!

  1. Jim hope you get well soon. Interesting how you receive reasonable care for a reasonable cost across the border. Let us know what the cost was.

  2. Oh pain. I’m surprised your dentist didn’t give you a little slip that you give to the police outside. When you give them the slip, they escort you to the head of the line. Maybe times have changed now. I had my dental work done six years ago.

  3. Eeeeuuuu. Pain is a pain in the neck or tush usually, not in the mouth. So sorry. Take it easy, follow Dentist’s orders and do not develop a dry socket!

  4. Gorgeous sunset, Jimbo. I’m afraid having a tooth pulled does involve pain, but it’s behind ya. 🙂
    Hang in there and enjoy those “Lazy Daze!” Chica has it really rough!! 🙂

  5. Now you can feel Chicas pain from when you first got her and she had OHH so many baby teeth pulled and spayed at the same time!!! But I am sure she is a great comfort thru your ordeal and probably deserves a small spoon of ice cream that you have indulged her with in the past – Lando agrees!

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