Chica’s Birthday

Chica’s Big Day

Yesterday we celebrated the day that Chica and I first met each other.  It was on February 25, 2013 that we both came into each others’ lives.  Since that day we have traveled in 2 countries, 2 provinces, and 10 states and almost 10,000 miles.  We have been in 100+ degree heat in Libby, MT and -4 degree cold in Fernley, NV.  But it has been a wonderful experience for us both.  Her she is trying to play with her friend Elvis.


I bought a big cupcake for her and we lit the one candle.



I’m not sure she knew what was going on but she was sure hamming it up for the camera.



Then I got the presents out.  I am not sure she is too keen on a new collar, but I’m sure she will like it better then the one she has.  She also got a small beaver and a small ducky.  She really likes both the beaver and the ducky.




It was really a fun day.

Produce Stands

One big advantage of staying in the Yuma area is the great produce stands they have.  We got to going to one that was not too far from us and had very fresh produce and really good prices.  I didn’t really stock up as I wanted to cook it when it was really fresh.  So I might go into town and stop here on the way home.  This one was located on Hwy 95 just south of 7E.



Martha’s Gardens

A couple days ago we all piled into Jim and Gayle’s car and decided to check out Martha’s Gardens.  They have all types of dates there in many sizes of boxes.  It was very nice with lots of places to sit and eat.



However they were very expensive so we decided to buy dates at the smaller produce stand shown above.  The dates there were very good.

Yuma Water

The water we got from the RV park was not very tasty and we heard that water in the area is not really good.  That must be the reason that you see water stands everywhere throughout the Yuma area.  Normally you get 5 gallons for a $1.  We even found one stand where you get 5 gallons for $.50.  What a bargain.  Here we are getting a supply of drinking water.


Jim, Gayle and Debbie depart

I have had a wonderful time with Jim, Gayle and Debbiie.  Thanks so much for showing me such a great time.  Chica had a great time with Sophie, Elvis, Rupert and Elliot as well.  They left this morning for more adventures in California.  Chris and I are left.  I have a couple more dental appoints the first week in March and will probably head to Phoenix/Mesa area the second week to meet up with my son and attend some Spring Training games.

The weather here has been fantastic since I arrived here on the 3rd, however it is scheduled to rain this weekend so that will help keep the dust down.  It should also bring out the desert flowers.  I will take a few hikes before leaving to get more pics.

16 thoughts on “Chica’s Birthday

  1. It’s wonderful to hear its been a year since your first finding Chica, I remember the post, and have been following you since. Ive worked for a Labrador Rescue for a year and its been the best experience, dogs, they are the BEST companions. Thanks from me personally for adopting Chica, she is very lucky, as are you. Best wishes for the next year !

  2. Happy Birthday Chica. That was such a wonderful day when you two found each other. The rain this week-end is going to be greeted with everybody doing a happy dance.

  3. Please add my best wishes for many more happy years together. The love that passes between you comes through in all of the pictures that you have posted! She is a sweetheart of a companion! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  4. Oh for the love of dog!! Happy birthday to Chica. I am so glad you two found each other…some things are just meant to be. there is nothing quite like the love between dogs and their humans.

  5. Glad we got to help you and Chica celebrate your one year anniversary together. It’s been fun hanging out with you guys. Elvis and Sophie are really going to miss that cute little chihuahua trying to sniff their butts!

  6. It’s been a great year for you and Chica. So many places, and so many friends. She is sure lucky to have found you, and you are fortunate to have her in your life. There is nothing quite like a dog to minister to our hearts and spirits, and add a dimension to our lives that we otherwise might miss. Pets add so much to us humans, but in my book, dogs are the most loving. (Don’t get me wrong, here you cat lovers out there…I love cats, too.)

  7. I love all these photos – of course, like everyone else, I always love photos of Chica. Happy One Year Anniversary to you both. I know how great it is to have a little pup in the motor home as company, and with all the places you’ve been and all the temp changes, she’s proven to be a perfect sidekick. Many, many more years to come.

  8. I remember you blogging about meeting Chica a year ago. Glad it has all worked out so well for you both. Congratulations & may the two of you spend many more happy traveling years together:))

  9. Boom Chica Chica Chica Boom!!!!! Happy Anniversary you little cutie pie! So glad that you found my brother and that he found you!! Happy story!!!!!!

  10. A great big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both !!!!! I remember when you found each other …. Soooooo fortunate when things work out and are meant to be !!!! Keep having FUN !!!!

  11. Hi Jimbo. Well Chica and I share the same Birthday.I believe I am a little older then Chica though.Ha I also had a Chi hua hua named Petey. Raised him from a pup and had him for 10 great years. As always enjoyed the commentary and the pictures. HoboJoe

  12. Oh how sweet! Such a little darling! I know she brings great joy to you life! How nice to celebrate, such cute little toys.

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