Batten down the hatches

Rain on it’s way

The rain that hit Southern California is headed this way.  That means making sure I have everything I need for a few days as I don’t want to be traveling down muddy roads.  Going to Yuma requires driving on a dirt road for about a mile and then it turns into pavement.  Hopefully we will not be hit too hard.

Dumped tanks and got estimate

Yesterday I dumped tanks and filled up with water.  After that I drove into RVDecor in Yuma to get an estimate on replacing my carpeting with wood flooring.  My carpeting is really hard to keep clean especially when you are camping in inclement weather such as rain and snow.  Besides that I just want a new and improved look.  The owner came out and checked my rig and told me they could put in wood flooring and new carpeting in the cab.  Great, but how much.  $1800.  YUK!!!

Since I don’t have that kind of money floating around I told him thanks for the estimate and drove back to Mittry Lake.  It is something I will definitely have to save for.  I have replaced my window blinds and when I am at my sister’s home in a month or so I will change the curtains over the kitchen window and the door.  Then I only have one more blind in the back to replace.  While I am in Yuma, I am going to Lowe’s and pick up a kitchen faucet.

Vet Appointment

While they were here Debbie and Gayle and Jim took their animals into the Foothills Animal Hospital for shots and checkups.  They were very happy with them and so I called yesterday and was able to get an appointment for Chica at 2:15.  She is going to have her annual shows, nails trimmed and teeth cleaned.  The vet is not her favorite place to be, but hope all goes well and we are in and out in a short time.  I will let you know how things go.

This was a piic of her at her first vet visit last year in Mesa, AZ.


I will try to get a couple of pics this time as well.

13 thoughts on “Batten down the hatches

  1. So far here we’ve only had a few sprinkles. We want some really hard rain to wash off the dirt, but not sure if it will happen.
    Did the guy at RV Decor tell you how much it would cost without replacing the cab carpet?
    Hope Chica does well at her doctor’s appointment.

  2. The price quoted, while steep, seems reasonable to me. It is apparently a LOT of work to do this. Some who have done it themselves have said “Never again”. But I think Tessa did this a few years ago, and documented it along the way. Have you looked in the Lazy Daze files section? She may have posted it in there. Note: I just took a walk through the files, and didn’t see anything, but who knows what has been corrupted and/or lost with all of the changes. You might want to drop her a note asking about this. She will probably be able to point you to her narrative and photos about this replacement project on Ciao, Baby. Maybe she put it up on the net somewhere else as well.

    The Lazy Daze Companion has this information that might be helpful for you:

    The second half of the article addresses replacement with materials other than carpet.

    Virtual hugs,


  3. Jim… I did a pergo floor myself for less than $300. The major challenge since I didn’t have a good mitre box was the quarter round molding. I’m so glad I did it as it’s so easy to keep clean. I did keep the carpet in the back area for the couches and bed. Great for the bare feet.

    Best regards, David & Nola

  4. Sorry the price is more than you are willing to spend. I think getting rid of carpet would the best thing to happen to us with 2 dogs and a cat. John put laminate in our Winnebago and I really did not like the idea of carpeting in our Tiffin.

  5. Hi Jim, I know what you mean about carpet and boondocking with pets. Did you say $1800? Ouch. I’m taking out my carpet and installing Traffic Master Allure from Home Depot. Easy install no messy adhesive. They have a lap joint that comes with the adhesive on it. Just pull off the protective cover and stick them to one another. Cut with a knife or scissors. Install trim on the walls and edges. Easy to replace, since it’s not a glue down. Check it out when considering your options.

  6. Jim, really enjoyed seeing photos of Chica’s birthday party! Congratulations on your one year birthday! Hope you don’t get too much rain–we might have snow on Sunday! Take good care & I hope the vet goes alright.

  7. Hi Jim, if you don’t mind coming out here to Holtville and let me see the interior of your rig, I can most likely put that wood flooring in for just the price what you pay for the desired material… .hehe. won’t mind going out for dinner afterwards. Have done that flooring many times before. Need to see you anyway before heading north again.

  8. Sure hope all went well at the vet today. I would like to get rid of our carpeting but our girls use the carpeting for traction to get up the steps or into our laps. So not going to happen for a few years.

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