New Flooring Looks Great

Long day at the dentist

Thursday was a really long day for me at the dentist.  I left Hot Springs LTVA about 8:30 to make my appointment at 10:30.  There was an hour time change when entering California and the dentist goes by Arizona time.  I got right in on time and they started with my new bridge.  No matter what they did it did not fit right as it was too high when I bit down.

They called the lab and they sent someone over to discuss it.  They decided it would have to be remade so they had to take another impression and then sent it back to the lab.  The dental assistant told me it would take at least another hour before they would get it back and that I could wait in the lobby.  I mentioned that I also had to have a wisdom tooth removed.  I then was taken to another chair and they prepped me for the removal.

Pulling that wisdom tooth was a frickin bummer!!!!!  She had to break it into several pieces and cut the gum as well.  I didn’t feel any pain, but heard a lot of crunching noises as she was pulling it.  I needed 3 stiches to sew up the cut in the gum.

Then it was off to the lobby, where I must have read every National Geographic magazine they had.  I got these pics of the lobby from Debbie when she was there a few weeks earlier.

Dr. Eva's Waiting Area

Dr. Eva's Reception Desk

It was beginning to get very hot and the air conditioner clicked on and soon it was getting rather chilly.  So I waited outside in the courtyard.

Courtyard 2

Courtyard 3

Finally the new bridge came in and off I went.  I am hoping I won’t have to see her again for another year.  Should anyone ever need any dental work done I highly recommend Dr Eva Urena on B Street.

Flooring almost complete

Peter continued working on my flooring while I was at the dentist.  It is almost complete except for the entrance.  What a huge difference this makes.  However we did run into some obstacles along the way such as this small box right in back of the passenger seat.


We just put the lid back on it and left it.  It is behind my first chair and cannot be seen anyway.The biggest problem we faced were the bolts that attach the house to the truck chassis.  They were all along the passenger side of the rig and stuck up about 1/4 inch from the floor.


  In many spots the tile would fit over it nicely but there was also one right at the entrance.  I plan on purchasing a thick rug to cover it up and prevent anyone from tripping on it.


Aside from that everything looks really good and I am very pleased with the new look.  It is so much better then the old carpet and much easier to keep clean.


You can read more about how Peter of American Traveler Fame installed my new flooring at his blog post  I cannot begin to thank Peter enough for all the great work he has done.

I don’t know why RV manufacturers continue to put carpeting in RVs.  For us full timers it isn’t really practical.  Many of us spend a great deal of time in the desert and carry sand and dirt in on our shoes which gets in the carpeting.

Desert Sunset

I again had a beautiful desert sunset to end my day.


13 thoughts on “New Flooring Looks Great

  1. Wow! You sure have a good demeanor considering the pain you’ve gone through. But aren’t you glad you had it done. I like your new floor.

  2. The floor looks great! You’ll love it. We have your same floorplan, but it came with no carpet in the kitchen, for which I am eternally thankful! I don’t think there should be carpet anywhere, but maybe I am in a minority.

    Virtual hugs,


  3. You must be glad to have all that dental work out of the way.
    Your floor looks great! We saw a few other rigs that had replaced the carpet in Morro Bay. They just look so much cleaner without the carpet. Maybe one of these days!

  4. Your floor looks super and I am sure you will really be happy with it …. The dentist office both inside and outside looks so clean ! Know you must be soooooo thrilled that’s over …..

  5. The real question is ” What does Chica think of the new flooring”? I am at the Pomona KOA waiting to take rv into the Mothership tomorrow. There is another MB here that I think
    is from Mississippi.

  6. I agree on the carpeting – hard floors are so much easier to keep clean. Yours looks great. I bet you are glad to have the dental work behind you.

  7. One has to really wonder sometimes if RV engineers & builders ever take the time to actually stay in an RV themselves to understand the true reality of living & traveling in an RV. Somehow I kinda doubt it………

  8. Jim, Cool picture in the waiting room of the swinging bridge. That must be the way you have to go to see the witch doctor? I sure hope that wasn’t a picture of how your bridge would look. Sorry you had such a problem with your dental work…never fun even in the best conditions. Here’s a bit of wisdom…don’t have wisdom teeth pulled unless absolutely necessary…right???

    The new flooring does look great. Peter does nice work, and he’s such a kind hearted gentleman to help you out with that. Aren’t you glad he came all the way down there to the desert from their home on the Island, so he’d be there when you needed him?? I think Barbara was glad, too.

  9. Glad to hear you finally got the dental work completed. Hope that lasts for a long time. The new floor looks good, and it should be easier to keep clean. But, you may want some throw rugs for the winter time to keep your feet warm.

  10. Whew! Done with your dental work & have new floors! You made a perfect choice–the new floor is beautiful & will be so much easier to care for. We put in hardwood throughout our house 2 years ago & it’s great being able to see the dirt rather than have it drift down through carpet! Happy Trails!

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