Always fun meeting bloggers

Invited for dinner

I was invited for dinner by Sandie of Where are the Dixons fame.  I met both Sandie and Jim several years ago in Quartzsite and she always writes nice comments on my blog.  They spend their winters in Apache Junction, AZ and their summers on the road or in their home state of Montana.  They are always such fun people.  So I jumped at the chance to see them before they left the area.  I drove to Apache Junction, AZ and we had dinner at Superstition Skies.

More famous bloggers

I also met Rod  of Retired Rod fame.  We had some great conversation and then he mentioned a blog post he wrote that went viral.  In case you haven’t read about his experience with his Roomba and the dog poo you should check it out here.  It is a hilarious post and will keep you in stitches.  Rod is a very funny guy and I have added his blog to my list of “must reads”.

Then I met Diana of Life on the Open Road fame.  I started reading her blog a couple of years before I even started RVing and it is still on my “must read” list.  I have always gotten a lot of enjoyment out of her posts as they are usually sort and sweet and have many pics.  Lots of good information.

It is really neat when you meet up with the people whose blogs you read and enjoy.  Some people like Diana were my mentors even though they didn’t know it.  I got lots of great information and encouragement to realize that the fulltime RV lifestyle was the one for me.

Great Dinner

We all had a great dinner.  Several of us ordered the “all you can eat” chicken wings and legs. We all kept going back for more.  They also had a group that played a wide variety of music.  It was a great time and I was so glad I went.  Here is a pic of our table.  Left to right, Rod, Phil, Phil’s friend (sorry I didn’t get his name), Diana, Sandie and Jim.


Thanks Sandie for inviting me.  It was so much fun.

9 thoughts on “Always fun meeting bloggers

  1. I would agree about the mentors Jim. I started following the Full time RVing blogs almost a year ago as I was deciding what I what to do during my quickly approaching retirement. I didn’t want to sit around in my house bored! Many of the blogs out there were an influence on my decision to travel in what eventually became a fifth wheel. Now here I am, less than a year after thinking about it, in my “Coach” in Buckeye, AZ on the adventure of a lifetime. I owe a lot to many bloggers as, even though I enjoyed camping, etc., I never would have done it without reading what others had already tried and were loving it. It must have been nice to meet up with some of them. Maybe I will too someday done the road
    I have been on the road now – 39 days. Thanks to all…

  2. I’m just so glad you were able to join us. It was a great time but way too loud since the place was so packed. We’ll definitely be seeing you again next year.

  3. Diana has been one of my mentors too. Her blog is one of the “must-reads” for full-time RVing! Glad you were able to get together. I love meeting up with other bloggers.

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. I completely missed Rod’s adventure with the Roomba! I was laughing so hard! The perfect touch was when he got a replacement! What a great thing to have dinner with fellow bloggers! Take good care.

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