JimbosJourneys Disappearance

Where did your blog go?

I got an email from Sara of My Travels fame wondering where my blog went?  I didn’t even know it was missing.  I had published a post yesterday and it was still there last night when I checked my comments.  However I tried it this morning and sure enough it was missing, kaput, adios.

I have my own domain name registered for jimbosjourneys.  In fact I am a reseller of domain names and I was one of my own accounts.  How could I possibly lose control of my own domain name.

I remember getting an email from Enom.  They are a large seller of domain names and hosting services who I am a reseller for.  They had mentioned that the credit card on hand with them had expired and I would have to update it.  I went ahead and did that, but sure as shooting my domain name expired yesterday and was long gone from the Internet.

I went into my account and realized I had to add money to my account in order for them to renew my domain name.  I know it sounds complicated but it is something I normally have to do once a year for my own domain names.

Then when I got the email from Sara I realized what happened.  I went into my Enom Reseller account and took care of business.  To be sure I don’t have to do this every year I renewed it for 5 years.

Domain Names

I use WordPress to publish my blog.  I used to use Blogger but switched over to WordPress many years ago.  They are both very good and and each has their own unique features.  I think a lot of it is what you feel more comfortable using.

My link to my WordPress account is jimmelvin.wordpress.com which takes you to my blog.  I liked my name jimbosjourneys.com and checked to see if that domain name had been taken.  It hadn’t so I grabbed it several years ago.  Now I can tell everyone to just go to jimbosjourneys.com instead of the long drawn out WordPress link.  I also found that people could remember my new name much easier then the old WordPress name

Once I bought the domain name I was able to link it to my WordPress account and that is how it remained until this morning.

If any of you are interested I can tell you how to do this and make your blog a bit more professional looking.  Just let me know.

By the way Enom takes care of all the billing for me so I can’t make the same mistake on a customers domain name.  I guess I need to pay closer attention to my email.

Was it missing when you checked it?

Many of you might not have even noticed it as it was only unlinked for a few hours this morning.  Now if I can only remember to do this 5 yrears from now when it has to be renewed!  HA!

8 thoughts on “JimbosJourneys Disappearance

  1. I suggest you put this five year item in your iPhone reminders and then you will not forget, unless you no longer have the iPhone. The way you appreciate gadgets and such, I doubt that will occur. Glad you learned of this sooner than later. 🙂

  2. Hi Jim, where will you be camphosting this summer. I will be camphosting for CLM in Mammoth Lakes, at Sherwin Creek Campground. Then off to Amazon.
    Your friend, Linda

    • Hi Linda,

      Have fun this summer. You will be hosting in a beautiful spot. I will be hosting in the Cascades in Washington. See you at Amazon.

  3. Jim, give us a shout on your way to your summer hosting site if you’re in our area. We’d love to see you. Thanks for the good explanation of some of the technical aspects of blogging.

  4. I also register and host a few sites, my billing issues are usually caused by the card co reissuing the card after they detect some hack in some account ( not mine ), really annoying

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