Who killed the Rug

Chica’s Bear Rug

I stopped in a Bed Bath and Beyond store and they had a neat fake animal rug for 50% off.  I couldn’t resist as I thought Chica would love it.

Sure enough she went crazy on it.  Then she finally settled down but now is sound asleep on it.


New Ducky too

I also made a stop at Petsmart where I picked up some food and also a NEW ducky to replace the old ducky that somehow got lost.  I have torn up the place looking for it but it was never found.  It always has been here favorite toy so I just had to replace it.

Here is a pick of her with the OLD ducky.


Her she is with her NEW ducky resting on her new rug.


Chica sure lives a great life!!  Me too!!



15 thoughts on “Who killed the Rug

  1. She is cute with her mouth full of duck. She is the perfect little rv dog. I love that Chica.
    Camphosting in WA. I’m going to pay attention for future reference. All the tips I get from you have paid off so far.

  2. Hi Jimbo, It is a great life isn”t it? Who would’ve thought ten years ago I would be out here living a life of true freedom? Never judge a book by its cover. Life is sweet….HoboJoe

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