Tioga George and Ms Tioga

Tioga George’s Influence

I don’ know about you, but Tioga George influenced me more than anyone else in my getting to where I am now as a fiulltime RV’er.  I was working at the time and a coworker and I started discussing what we were going to do when we retired.  He mentioned that he wanted to purchase an RV and live and travel in it fulltime.  What an interesting concept!!  It had never even crossed my mind to even consider something so offbeat as that.

He then mentioned that I could read all about it at Tioga George’s website.  I went home that night and googled “Tioga George” and started reading his posts.  Once I started reading his posts I was hooked.  Over the next month or two I managed to read every post George had written since he began his amazing adventure.  I couldn’t put them down.  His adventures with Ms Tioga (George’s RV) were amazing.

That was the beginning of my RV odyssey.  I couldn’t read enough.  But it all started with Tioga George and his adventures with Ms Tioga.

Ms Tioga runs off road

On 3/15/14 Ms Tioga ran off the road with Tioga George driving it.  You can read about it in George’s words here.  How awful is that!  He didn’t even know what happened.

On the 18th George had open heart surgery and still posted on his blog all about it.  What a blogger!  Nothing seems to stop this guy.

On Mar 27, 2014 George visited Ms Tioga to examine the wreckage.  How sad it must have been for him on that day.  Ms Tioga is a total wreck.  It had been his home for 11 years and had carried him to many wonderful places.

Tioga George and Ms Tioga a big influence

Tioga George and Ms Tioga were my mentors and biggest influence on me to become a fulltime RV’er.  Had I not started reading his wonderful posts I doubt if I would have ever had thought of this new fantastic lifestyle.  I also think that there are many others just like me that feel the same way about George.  He had millions of readers and had a terrific flare for writing a very amusing blog.  Reading his blog was as if you were right there with him on his travels.

I don’t know if George will get another RV, but I do hope his health will improve and I hope he realizes how much influence he has been to many in the RVing world.  I might have still been working except for his influence on me. Thank you so much George for helping me to find my niche in life.








11 thoughts on “Tioga George and Ms Tioga

  1. That was a very heart warming tribute to George. Hopefully, he will be healthy enough to “hit the road again,” when he’s feeling better!

  2. i didn’t find George’s blog until we had been on the road for awhile. I was so sorry to hear about the accident and his heart. Life sometimes makes other plans for us.

  3. I’m with you 110%, Jimbo. What great fun it was to follow George. In his prime blogging he would make several entries each day which had me checking it several times daily. That was better than TV.

  4. Actually it sounds like they were lucky and not seriously hurt- so is that where you got the infamous Mrs. Tiogas meatloaf? Bet so – sure good!

  5. Nice thoughts you had about Tioga George. We too were inspired by George & began following him way back when. We were fortunate enough to meet George at his rig one bright sunny & frosty morning in Ajo Arizona. He is a soft spoken gentle man & we wish him all the best in whatever endeavors he decides to pursue..

  6. Call it “motherly instinct” or whatever, but for the last month or so, I have been thinking about George and scouring the net looking for instances where someone might have posted something about having seen him, or something about him. I checked his blog address every so often, but apparently had gotten lax about that aspect. Or maybe I was still checking his former site. I know he changed them around over the last year or so.

    His RV style and choices of venue are not in sync with my own, but the important thing is that he was doing what felt right for him. That’s what this life is all about.

    BTW, Jim – we have the same floorplan as you do. Isn’t it great? Had a TK before, but this is much better.

    Virtual hugs,


  7. Jim, it was the same for me……I started reading his blog back in 2004 just after we had bought a 1987 Tioga, and his influence in us becoming full time RV’ers is significant. So sorry to hear about his accident, but so grateful he was not seriously injured, and has now had the heart surgery he needed for years. Thank you for sharing as I had no idea anything had happened. We’ll see you in Fernley later this year!

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