Last day in Yuma!!!

Last day in Yuma

Hooray!!  This is my last day in the Yuma area.  I am still at the Paradise Casino where I am parked with very few other rigs.


  I have been here 2 1/2 weeks and no one has hassled me at all.  I am getting to know Yuma pretty good now.  The weather this last week has really warmed up.  It is supposed to be 101 degrees tomorrow.  That is way too hot for my blood.  Chica’s too!  This is a pic of her in the morning when she enjoys the warmth of the morning sun.  In the afternoon it is quite different as she finds a cool spot out of the heat.


Last Dental Appointment

I go in to Algadones, MX for my last dental appointment tomorrow at 9:30am.  I need to go for a permanent crown and then I am off to the races.  I am hoping I can get out of there early and through customs without waiting in a long line.  Two weeks ago I had an early appointment and breezed through customs without any line at all.  Last week because I didn’t get done with the dentist until 2:00pm I had to wait an hour in line.  I think a lot of people go across the border for lunch and when lunch ends they high tale it back across the border, hence the long lines.

Off to CA

Once I get back to my rig I will hook up and be off on my 4+ hour journey to O’Neill Park in Orange County CA.  I have stayed at this park many times as it is convenient to my family.  It does not have hookups, but that is OK as I have my solar panels and that gives me plenty of solar with the nice blue CA skies.  I am also looking forward to getting into cooler temps in CA.  Chica is too!!

Heading to I-10

I have decided to take catch the I-10 around Indio and then head into Orange County.  It will be later in the day I will be hitting all the traffic, but I will be going against traffic pretty much.  Anyway I am not in a big hurray as I have already made reservations.



11 thoughts on “Last day in Yuma!!!

  1. We only got to 94 today but the air came on. I’m just glad the nights still cool off. Hope all goes well tomorrow and you can get on the road. Safe travels. Give Chica a big kiss for me.

  2. We are planning to visit our daughter in Menifee for the month of May and maybe part of June. Any suggestion of where to stay? Any boondocking?

    • O’Neill Park costs $20/night or $15/night if you are a senior. They do have a 14 day limit per month. Also no hookups, but they do have water and a dump site. Lots of neat hiking trails around there and the scenery is beautiful.

      • Hi Jim
        Do you know of any places in Mexico that are cheap and near the border and TJ
        where you can stay for six month or more.

        All The Best,

      • That doesn’t sound like any bargain! I always AVOID California if I possibly can! BTW, where are you? No recent blog updates! Happy Trails Jim!!

      • Dear Jim:

        Do you know of any places in Baja Mexico that are cheap or free or with out hookups.
        Near the border or the ocean.

        All The Best,

      • When I was down there I was with the Harvest Hosts and we stayed at wineries. Not too familiar with any other spots.

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